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Adventure High Clean 0.34

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Backstabber 5 Points

They shouldn't have trusted you so easily...

Extra Credit 10 Points

Someday you will rule the school

Huntsman 10 Points

Your first tamed monster... is kind of cute.

Love Overdose 10 Points

Molly is crazy about you

New Hero 10 Points

You are on the path to greatness

Personal Cupid 10 Points

You've got arrows of your own

Decoration 25 Points

Your friend really ties the room together nicely.

Harem Collector 25 Points

Your collection is growing nicely

Wild Thing 25 Points

This girl is hard to handle

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

**Note: The music used in this game was released to Public Domain by Halcyonic FalconX. Also, much of the art is in the process of being updated. So, some new art and old art are currently side by side.

** Second note: This is a "Clean" version of Adventure high with some changes to reduce the amount of mature content that I have been told some people may be uncomfortable with. The game is not squeaky clean, but there should not be any nudity, and explicit text should be limited. If I missed anything, let me know and I will fix it as quickly as possible.

There exists in your home town a school that teaches Adult Students how to harness their unique magical gifts to survive the wilderness as Adventurers. Your character has just joined this school in hopes of finally having the chance to learn how to use magic.

Each person has a gift for a certain kind of magic, which impacts the kinds of magic they can learn in each of the four major schools of magic. Yours is the Gift of Control. Will you use your gift to become the Hero of the School, or will you use it to make the School and everyone in it yours?

This game is currently in the Alpha stage of development, and represents about 3 years worth of work. There is one ending so far, but the main storylines have not yet reached their conclusions.

Walkthrough: http://changermcgame.blogspot.com/p/adventure-high-walkthrough.html

Normal Version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/679844

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how much does it take to tame a beast?

Hey, love he game (bigger fan of the main version though)
But maybe you can add a visual health bar to the monsters like you do for the main version. it makes it easier to see when exactly we should tame monsters rather than risk killing them or risk breaking our chakram

well, after seeing the more updated version, i came back to get the medals i missed... dying to demoman in this version seems to softlock you, with him constantly attacking nothing while you are unable to act. at least i know from a more updated version it was fixed, it is just a pain having to reload because i was abusing demoman to grind up a few spells...

good game its good because you can be good or bad and make it your decisions not one persons

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks, I've been trying to ensure that you can have a lot of freedom of choice in the game.

(My review is on the updated forums, I am going to use the versions to ask questions mostly) I have a question, is there a place where you post when updates are posted/are already posted? If so, can you tell us where to find it, because I have no clue where it is at this point.

HypnoChanger responds:

I usually try to keep the game's blog updated on new content. I have been doing each patron release on the 13th and public release on the 20th for a while now though. This is where you can find the blog: http://changermcgame.blogspot.com/