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This is a fully functional (I think) version of world one for Hel vs Hell. The game features a hybrid gameplay between action and idle. If you find any bugs or problems PLEASE let me know as soon as possible.

Controls (Explained in game as well)
A and D / Right and Left = Movement
W / Up = Jump
Z = Shoot
X = Heal

For more info and content check us out at: CyosesRealms.com
Shh... I may or may not have put a cheat code on Cyoses Realms.

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I wasn't going to review until I saw how awesome the creator was responding to each review.
First off, I'd like to say that you seem very genuine in your replies and thankful for all the reviews, so I tip my hat to you there, and gave you an extra half star for that.

For the game itself I would like to recommend a few simple changes that may make it more enjoyable.

1. Make the meaning behind capturing the candles more clear.
Currently after capturing a candle your snow(point2) regenerates faster. This is okay, but it isn't presented in an obvious manner. Plus with the level switching it was hard to tell if it carried over or not.
2. Make the character and enemies slightly more detailed.
After reading your responses to other people I know Cyoses you're keen to keep the art simple, however it is impossible to tell that your bullet is snow, and I have no idea what your character is.
3. Make things more juicy.
This is something that companies do all the time most people don't realize. Take a look at Mario, the vertical slice of Mario is running and jumping, so that has to be FUN. So how did they do it? They made him have a cool run animation, a great jump sound, a sound effect when he jumps and another when he lands, and in later installments a particle effect of dust kicking up when he lands.
To make yours more juicy could be simple, a snow particle when he moves? An awesome sound effect when he takes over a candle? Platforms covered in snow for a while wherever he walks?
Something to indicate that he has more power when taking over a candle? Whatever you do, just make the vertical slice better.
4. Do more with the idle aspect.
At the moment this is NOT an idle game in the slightest, if anything it's "ugh I took a hit let me wait 10 seconds before I heal" and that's it. What I would do is make an over-world that's constantly generating snow biased on the amount of candles you own which you can then spend on upgrades to your speed, rate of fire, more health, rate of recharge(taking this away from the current capture mechanic), cosmetic upgrades like hats and colors, that kind of thing. Then make the levels much harder or even impossible without some upgrades (like a doublejump?) and if you fail a level you do not get to keep a levels candles, and may even lose more on other levels prompting both the idle aspect and replaying old levels.

That's all from me for now, best of luck to you Cyoses. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments or anything like that, and I hope this review was helpful for you.

Keep up the good work,

Cyoses responds:

For a first few remarks; thank you so much, for taking the time to write such a through review! You did a brilliant job balancing your feedback in both support and constructive criticism, and I find the review very helpful. Now into the details;

1. Candles : I believe the most important thing to note here is the importance of better explaining the mechanics behind the candles; which is definitely possible, and something I think I can implement.

2. Art : As for the character, I'm afraid I have as much knowledge of what the character is as you do. Which makes it rather hard to detail it much more. However, I do agree that especially for the bullet and enemy more detail could be used, I will definitely work on that, and not to skip ahead too much but your suggestion for particle effects sounds like a good way to handle that.

3. Juice? : I really like the idea of using particles! I think it would go a long way to add more to the game, in an area that is currently very lacking.

4. Idle : The idea of using an over-world to have upgrades, is a good solution, and Having the candles act more like a dynamic star system is even better! But, unfortunately I think both are outside the scope of this project, and probably my skills as a developer. However, what I'm hearing from everyone is that the idle aspect really isn't there, and I think you've really isolated what was missing: upgrades. While upgrades will be difficult, I really think I will need to design something of that nature, so thank you for pointing that out.

Once again thank you for writing such a helpful review,
~ Cyoses

My first thought was how irritatingly slow and floaty the physics are, but I finished it, and I had fun. it's nothing amazing but I dig the simple rounded square pixel art. fix the physics and add more content, and let me know where to play it.

Cyoses responds:

I'm really glad you liked the art style! As for more content, that will absolutely be a part of the final game. I'll do my best to improve the physics (Sorry about that, I've always had some trouble in that area.) And you will be able to play the final version right here on newgrounds! Not to self promote too much but if you want to play the final version the best way to not miss it would be to follow this link:


(FYI: most of my games will probably feature a similar art style so positive feedback there is awesome!)

Thanks ~ Cyoses

It's just a demo, I know, but still. It's a bit too simple even. And where is the "idle" element? Was the idle element waiting 10 seconds to get a hitpoint back?
The controls are floaty and environment's hitboxes not very clear.

Overall, doesn't have anything new or different. Demo is way too short to get any feel in the game.

Cyoses responds:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to write a review, it means a lot!

As for the fact that it's a demo; that’s no excuse for anything in the game, so I hope it didn't taint your opinion too much. ("but still" leads me to believe it didn't.) The simplicity of the game is something I don't find to be a flaw, the graphics are minimal but do all they need to do:
indicate what each thing is and convey roughly the location of it's hit-box. As for your other remarks; I have to agree! The idle mechanics really don't show up much in the demo. Just to help you out the core idle mechanics are: Capturing spawners as upgrades, the "Cheat" on my website, and idling (or waiting for 10 seconds, I agree it is a bit slow).

Lastly for your comment "environment's hit-boxes not very clear", if you could message or email me with more specifics that would be great! It's totally possible I messed something up so I'd love to sort it out before the final release!

~ Cyoses

I really wanted to like this game. The mechanics are simple enough and given in a straightforward way and it could have been interesting, but there's no clear motive and then really rapidly into the game I found myself just stuck in a cavern with a giant 'more' button that takes me to your website. Not cool.

Cyoses responds:

Thanks for the review, I think you pretty much summed up the game. Keep in mind though that this is just a demo, soon the full game will be out which will be longer.

Credits & Info

2.45 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2016
9:01 PM EDT