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A high scorer where you need to eat food to live and dodge obstacles to score high. You got it what it takes to get to the top in the Leaderboard?

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You should adjust the speed of the ball and make the fall little bit slower. It's really good game in other aspects

hey it's me, if you haven't noticed i got the best highscore in the world, so take my advice. before i criticize your game i'd just like to say i really like the concept, it's very stragetic, but there are problems. first off the controls, sometimes when pressing left and right to quickly one key will stick and ruin the game, it sucks. secondly, i like how it speeds up but i think it needs to progress a little slower. next is the randomness, it's a tough balance because if you make it identical each time then people will remember it and that will ruin the strategy but at the same time it will form a new one. although the present level of randomness gives strategy less of an impact and luck more when a large wall can come up any time. power ups and upgrades may even play a nice role here. lastly there's a glitch in this game, i tried for a good 15 minutes to beat the highscore legit but i gave up, so i restarted the game to see where i was placed on the list, it was 3rd, i gave it one more try and died within 5 seconds but for some reason it said i had gotten 1200 so i restarted it again and died rather fast again and it gave me what you see now. i tried once more and it didn't work so.. idk what's up. goodluck

Not bad,I have seen this type on here before,but this is fun. You have to balance survival with risk and reward. I say aim for one dot per 100m to stay alive.

I like the idea and the music. It's a real challenge. But sometimes my ball stuck for no reason and I lost because of that.

This is a super addicting game, the only thing I would say is that I would increase the speed of the ball because it's a little too slow.
I'd love to see this in an app!

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3.07 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2016
11:54 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other