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Hi, guys! This is the first game I've developed all by myself (art, programming, music). It took me two weeks, so expect a short, simple and charming experience.

My idea is to keep producing very small games for a while, for self-learning purposes. Any improvement suggestions / bug reports / opinions are welcome!

Controls: Mouse Click.

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Haha, i lost my old accounts password so im back, yet it still hasnt been updated...
hopefully it happens soon (my Original post is 2 posts under this one xD)

It,s ok right!

This is indeed a small litttle (adorable) game. only it's kinda sad that there are only 6 flies
my suggestions are at the bottom
for the rest, the tutorial 11/10 xD
sound 8/10 (since you only have 1 catchy tune :/)
gameplay, for now 8/10 but could definetly go up to 12/10

Flies: Sansfly (Can Teleport Every Second)
Bob (Fast Fly that Goes Diagonally)
Giant Nyancat (Even Faster but FATTER)
Chocofly (Slow but Goes on screen, goes almost immediatly invisible forever(although you can see him like really, really bad(like hes for 99% transpatent)))
PyroFly (Limited time HP)
JogabbaFly (NyanFly+Bobfly+Sansfly)

Option Tab!!
Scoreboard (With Highscores of Newgrounds)
More Music:
Some Great Bass Music, House Music, Trap Music etc (and Undertale plz Senpaii)

for now 9.5/11 (when updated probably 43/42)

Jogabba responds:

Hahaha, nice suggestions! :D I'll look upon them in the next update. Thank you for your feedback, very useful!

I enjoyed playing it for what its worth, which was one try considering there is no local high score. (Definitely add that if you can!) I loved the different insects and the concept is actually quite genius. Good job!

The game is really laggy, which is a shame, because this game is actually really well made for the most part, but it's virtually unplayable because it runs so slow. It might just be my computer, and if it is, this is easily a five stars. Looks nice, sounds nice, freaking adorable, just runs like crap.

Jogabba responds:

It should not lag on most computers, but it's true that the performance it's not optimized enough. Thanks for your feedback!

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3.11 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2016
9:47 AM EDT
Action - Other