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Robots are now in control of creative industry. There are no more human.
Took me 3 days non-stop to make it.
Animation Raul Flamand
Voice Acting TheBadKillVA
Music Jugneen

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Dude! I like the style of this. And the idea too. What if robots made comics for me? What if robots read Harry Potter for me? I like it!

Dude, this was exactly 1:04! That means that when I look in the middle at 0:32, it said that on both sides! Maybe you don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, I was disappointed this didn't do that much. It was too short. Of course I know how hard it is to work with a deadline.

I really did like the animation style. It was like chalkboard drawings. I liked you talking about how the genres. I'd like to see the ideas the robots came up with. Congrats on this being non stop.

-.5 stars because the animation was a bit rough, but thrilled that the cartoon was actually about something. You know that we're in trouble when people are excited about playing a game when the main character is a piece of bread.

Loved it!
The art style seems interesting.
Kind of reminds me of some old cartoon on Cartoon Network for some reason. haha