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Rainbow Cube

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10points 5 Points

This medal is earned by reaching 10 points.

50points 10 Points

This medal is earned by reaching 50 points.

100points 25 Points

This medal is earned by reaching 100 points.

300points 50 Points

Award for reaching 300 points

500points 50 Points

Award for reaching 500 points

freak 0 Points

Get a life, seriously... half million points ???

HerbieG 100 Points

You have to be HerbieG like to unlock this one. (750 points)

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

UPDATE 15.07: Fixed bug with "2x", added speed cap at 600, "coins all time" variable added, 2 new medals.
UPDATE 14.07: Speed cap removed, added new medals.
UPDATE 13.07: Fixed text colors, added speed cap on 650
UPDATE 12.07: "Upgrades" option added.

Land small cubes on right side of big cube by rotating it using arrow keys on your keyboard.
Circles gives you a special powers.

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When you die, the game freezes. Fix that now!

please fix its a fun game and easy achievements but every time i make a run thats 15 or more points it freeezes up at start with no upgrade

this game can be easily played for hours, good looking and fun.

Simple concept, not too difficult. The instructions were very clear and I overall liked the backgrounds.
Speaking of the backgrounds can you PLEASE tell me where you found that Super Smash Brothers wallpaper? It looks so dope but I also can't look at it long enough because I have to focus on the game.

dedaloodak responds:

:D On google images
Thanks for 5 stars.

Ok, reached the highest medal, in fact even above 400 points, time to write a review.
In fact I must say that reaching those 300 points has definitely nothing to do with any skills, at that speed it is just dumb luck, hit & hope etc. Even with max upgrade for initial speed reduction and 1/2 speed power up most of the time after you pass approximately 100-150 points there is simply no time for reaction not mentioning recognizing what is being written on the power up circles. So as I said before: hit & hope. Try rotating and hope you will pick a good power up :-)
To reach the 300 points medal you need some special circumstances: max upgrades for 1/2 speed power up duration, max upgrade for multi color cubes - they are extremely important, max upgrade for initial speed reduction (yes, those upgrades aren't endless) and... here is where ends what depends on you. Now you need tons of luck to pick enough multi color cubes before the game becomes impossible to control - the about 100 points borderline. I spent few hours waiting for this kind of a situation, but when it happened - at some point I had about 110-120 cubes.
About other things: I agree that the writings on the blue circles are very hard to read, they should either have a bigger/thinner font or they should be written using white letters maybe?
The 1/2 speed power up is useless at the beginning, because after you pick it it expires before another cube is being collected. of course later it becomes crucial. To make some improvements and not to make the game too easy: the upgrade effect could be reduced, but on the other hand the effect could be changed this way: instead of being cumulative in the matter of power (1 power up - 1/2 speed, 2 power ups picked - 1/4 speed) it could be cumulative in the matter of time: another picked power up would add the time of being active to the previously picked.
Nonetheless - it is a good game :-)

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2016
4:41 AM EDT

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