Tiger Castlevania 2 LCD HD

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Easily Forbidden 5 Points

defeat the forbidden zombie on easy difficulty

Mask of Last Words 5 Points

defeat camilla on easy difficulty

Strike the Stake 5 Points

whip a midpoint orb to refill hp and daggers

A Standard Curse 10 Points

defeat dracula on easy difficulty

Eager to Die 10 Points

defeat death on easy difficulty

Staunchly Forbidden 25 Points

defeat the forbidden zombie on hard difficulty

25k Club 50 Points

obtain a score of 25000 or higher

Die Hard 50 Points

defeat death on hard difficulty

Iron Mask 50 Points

defeat camilla on hard difficulty

LCD OG 50 Points

beat the game on any difficulty without losing a life

The Great Dracula's Curse 100 Points

defeat dracula on hard difficulty

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

this is my first attempt at a unity webgl game, testing out a lot of stuff at once so hopefully it won't be a disaster

still got my cv2 lcd game kicking around, played it so much that i wore out the low whip button. i tried to capture the experience as accurately as possible, though familiarity with the source material isn't required


- default controls> arrowkeys movement, z whip, x jump, enter pause
- up+whip throws a dagger which will instantly kill anything but bosses.
- once per level an orb will appear which can be whipped to restore hp and daggers, but it will only be available for a short time so don't delay :O
- some gamepads will constantly report axis information, but their controls can still be remapped if you hold the button before mouseclicking on the desired action in the options menu. if no gamepad is detected try pressing a button on it to make the browser take notice.
-chrome decided that one of my controllers should have all of the dpad tied to a single axis making it unusable. how the browser handles input seems to be beyond my control

made in unity 5.3.5f1

a year later i look back and see this no longer works on any browser. what a grim future :<
hopefully this version will endure a little longer.

switched over to the new api for medals

updated for https

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Geez, don't know why the last two reviewers are butthurt. The game works fine for me on Firefox and Chrome plus medals are working.

Overall, nice Flash version of some classic Castlevania.

None of the medals work. Try testing in other than just Internet Explorer or whatever browser you tested this in. Medals don't work on Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Additionally, the gameplay is abysmal in Chrome with Simon Belmont essentially warping all over the place due to perhaps grievous lag. At least in Firefox this doesn't happen as much but still can occasionally happen.

I'm fairly certain one would get more enjoyment out of playing the actual Tiger handheld Castlevania 2 than playing this.

Unity is garbage, stuck on loading forever, on Firefox, zero issues playing other Flash based games. Flash works on everything. unity = pure garbage and browser favoritism.

A very nice attempt at reproducing the old Castelvania. Very well done. The only problem, as others have stated, is that it is very repetitive. Nonetheless, very good work.

At first, I was confused as to why the rating wasn't higher. This feels just like the original game! I now realize it was because it was mostly just the same stuff over and over. I'm still glad to have come by this. It really does capture the spirit of the original game. I don't recall the earlier entry here.

I don't know why you could make the picture bigger. This is the first time I've seen that on a game. Is that something new here? I'm glad it was easy to understand. It was pretty fun just to kill those guys.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2016
4:46 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other