Trump Jump: The Game

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Get out on the campaign trail and chase those votes into the sky with Trump Jump! Avoid the people trying to take you down, or fight them off with a well-timed verbal assault! Devastating!

Collect stars, collect votes and increase your chances for success with unbelievable power-ups! Find Trump Steaks for crazy bouncing abilities! Double Down to collect even more votes! Become invincible as Teflon Don! Blast past everyone by Flipping the Bird! Increase your credentials with a Trump Diploma! Impressive!

- space bar to start Trump jumping
- left/right arrows -OR- ‘A’/’D’ to move The Don from left to right.
- spacebar in game to launch Mr. Drumpf’s verbal assault; projectiles will auto-aim
- up arrow -OR- ‘W’, to pause the game
- down arrow -OR- ‘S’, to mute the game

This game was produced in partnership with Fresh and Ugly; download the mobile version at trump.game today! Check out Fresh and Ugly on Twitter @freshandugly

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The first Jump 'n' Trump or Doodle Trump! XD

Good game, 5 Stars! ;)

This is pretty funny.

snoboxstudio responds:

Thank you cheezcarrot ;) that's all we hoped for!

this is the funnys game ever

snoboxstudio responds:

xD Thank you!!

Litterally, best game ever 4.5/5 really this game is the best thing had ever happened in my life i just want to tell the creators this is funny as hell (A LOT!)

I would give 5 stars, but the pc version of the game's been a bit rushed.


snoboxstudio responds:

Hey xShockWave!! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed the game! And I appreciate your honesty, as well! We did rush things a bit, but this was supposed to be a 'tester' game. Just to see the process through completely (for once) and hopefully, this will mean more games coming soon! Now that we know a bit more about making and distributing games, we will be more careful with our next release!

"IF voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." - Emma Goldman.

Because this game was made for mobile, the swipe to unpause is annoying for pc players here on NG. I personally would rather use the up arrow to jump, (which pauses this game). This is yet another version of 'Pou' & many others, which I would prefer to play over this. 2.5 for your effort- next time try something a bit more original.

snoboxstudio responds:

Hey AnnieOminous, thanks for trying our game, either way! We did originally intend this as strictly a mobile release, and looking back on it now we may have rushed the PC launch a bit.
We didn't, however, intend this to be an original GAME concept obviously. Doodle-jump was our primary inspiration, but this game was intended as a 'fun' spoof game (focusing on mocking Donald Trump). Our intention was to create something focused on the visual aspect of the game.

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3.16 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2016
5:01 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop