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Pix Hop, a simple endless platform game. You control a bouncy white square collecting coins and avoiding lovely colored enemies.

Use Left and Right Arrows to Move [ Keyboard ]
Use Left-Click Mouse to move [Mouse]
Use Left and Right Arrows to Move [ Gamepad ] (Not compatible with all browsers)

Waiting your feedback,

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es muy bueno y muy adictivo

Cool game, I really like it.
Um...What is the song's name during the game? I Love it...

░ Pros> Tilt mechanic.

▒ Cons> Lack further exploit the possibilities and resources of the difficulty.

▓ Devolution> At the moment, the game seems to be a sketch of what could be in the future, but this requires more experimentation when designing the difficulty:
If the game limit will be marked by the Skill of the player, it should be the principal axis of development.

In general terms, you have to review the relations between the existing resources and integrate them in a better way. It would also be good that the music not only accompanies but mark time of difficulty, plus it's a good resource to break the sense of repetition and helps immerse the player in the game.

Particularly I think you should play your own game and relieve possible moves that the player can take as technique (like hitting the walls provides a kind of double jump), then rebuild the obstacles in relation to which techniques are best to overcome it and what no, leaving the player discresion more than one option to overcome an obstacle (as in "Barrier X").

Beyond that, it would be interesting to know if you thought about developing this game for phones or tablets, exploiting even more playability by tilting (and adding a physical challenge).

Really fun, but should have some more obstacles. Also, i like how simple the design of this game is, It's just a box jumping all over the place, it's funny when you think about it.

It's a pretty good game in the super hexagon tradition of difficult, twitch reflex pointsathons, but is ultimately let down by some strange design decisions. The exponential bonus for collecting succesive coins means that the deeper you go, there's almost no point continuing once you've missed a coin, given that the game's difficulty ramps up so significantly and your bonus is reset to zero. This fault is further exacerbated by the tendency for coins eventually to appear in uncollectable scenarios, where an enemy spawn or platform disappearance makes it impossible to continue your sequence, and that's not to mention that the relative speeds of square and coins in descent makes it all but impossible to snag a coin once it's started to sink to the floor.

Perhaps if your bonus halved when you miss a coin, rather than resetting to zero, there would be more incentive to continue in those situations. Equally, some ability to speed up the square, particularly in descent, would make the coin's falling off-screen slightly more fair, otherwise I'd be inclined to alter the way it departs if it's genuinely supposed to be uncollectable at that point.

Lastly, part of the fun of twitch reflex games is the instant loop of death and restart, which makes that cycle in Super Hexagon and Super Meatboy frictionless. Here, however, the R key takes you back to the logo screen and then the title screen, while killing yourself to abort a run is quite fiddily.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2016
5:49 AM EDT