Pasta Heroes

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Defeat 25 waves of vicious rats, buy new weapons and cats, gain higher skill levels on every weapon.
Next weapon: Right arrow or D
Previous weapon: Left arrow or A

Rats are of different types, and you must choose wisely which ones to shoot first to not waste bullets.

Depressed (blue) rats: Slow but high hitpoints.
Albino (white) rats: Loose health on their own.
Communist (red) rat: Hitpoints depend on how many other rats are on screen.
Atomic (green) rat: Hitpoints increase over time.
Ninja (black) rat: Sometimes invisible, might kill your cats.

Please leave some feedback!

Edit July 7: New menu and backgrounds.

Edit July 6 v2: Total scoreboard should update after each level, redid the ingame interface, higher difficulty gives score boost, lost levels can be replayed when not on "hard", hitpoints are the same on all difficulty levels (but easier gives more money and more rats can go inside), removed shooting delay for all handguns.

Edit July 6: Thanks to everyone for having made my game pass! The first 6 Levels are shorter now, and pillows are introduced sooner. I halved the number of rats and doubled the score points to keep the leaderboard. Next update with a new interface and the option to replay after loosing coming soon!

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Nice Tower Defense game.

I recommend this game if you love Pasta much as i.

Oh and Smarty is just Garfield with a changed name

Shotgun will jam in a couple of levels (the first pillow level for example), cant use it anymore untill next level. Also the highscores/lederboard seem to be broken. I played like 10 more waves after I reached 500, but never gained extra points. After you unlocked all guns and cats the game becomes real repetitive / boring.

BambooHutGames responds:

Thanks for your feedback and sorry about the shotgun not working, I'm about 90% sure that I have fixed that. The leaderboard only works for the first level and when you finish the game, but of course, I will make it update after every level, thanks for pointing me that way.
I can understand that some find this game repetitive...the game was originally designed only for hard mode where you have to stay 100% focused the whole time.

Much improved over the original. This game is much easier using a Wacom tablet rather than a mouse. :)

It'd be nice to see the cats do more, but I like the variety... and Smarty's description.

BambooHutGames responds:

Thanks a lot! And thanks as well for proving that the leaderboard API works, I just added it :-)

a horrible rip off of bunny invasion. but i think if more effort was put in it would pass bu tit doesn't make the cut... the thumbnail shows first person gameplay so just redo it in first person...it has potential but the way it was a rip off ruined it

BambooHutGames responds:

I don't think calling it a rip off is fair. If Bunny Invasion was the only fixed shooter, sure, but it's simply a type of game and there are tons of it out there.

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3.01 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2016
9:39 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed