Fight Knight

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Hail good Sir Knight!

Those buffoons from the neighbouring Kingdom have been scurrying about our land breaking our branches and bothering our butterflies. Wouldst thou perchance take on the battle of honour and rid the encampent of our enemy?

There shall be beauteous wenches and a feast waiting for you on the morrow should you succeed in your duty.

The swipes from your sword shall surely cause them to drop some secrets or information that you may gather and bring to us forthwith! Fare thee well!


W,A,S,D - Move
Double Tap W,A,S,D to Dash
Space to Swing Sword


1. Gameplay mechanics- I also liked the dash to jab mechanic without having to swing
2. Music and sound was appropriate
3. Cartoonish graphics were adequate; I actually like seeing the faces, as it gives the characters, well, character
4. Different game modes

1. I couldn't tell when I broke branches or messed with butterflies. There should be noticeable animation when those events occur in the battle.
2. AI is kinda predictable and repetitive, not very smart
3. Story is bare bones, and nonexistent in the game itself

1. Lack of variety in attacks; maybe use mouse to attack instead and different click and drag motions could make different types of attacks, like swinging in an arc, quick jabs, shield bash, etc.
2. Lack of tournament mode or rpg leveling up elements (different weapons or shields you could buy with money earned, faster movement or greater dash distance with leveling up, etc.); this game is too simple as is- it's more like a proof of concept demo than a full game

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Lemming1 responds:

I agree with everything you have said here.

One small note though there are different attacks if you swing multiple times in a row. Also using mouse controls wouldn't be possible because the game is two player and also works on a gamepad.

Cool idea. I like the idea where even the stance can impale you, because that is true. It prevents people from carelessly rushing at your vitals, else they be impaled. This game was more fun than I expected, and I finished a few rounds here. The attack is pretty decent, but could use variety. Maybe make it a two hit combo that repeats at least. Im gonna vomit a long review. The game has potential and I like the idea. Art wise, I think helmets would look cooler than faces here, even though a bunch of knights would end up looking the same. Try searching other armor styles and maybe you can add some rivets or a bit more detail to vary armors. You need a code to disable hit count if the blade gets stuck in the enemy. I charged into a knight in points mode, blade got stuck, scored 321 hits.I guess making the struck target unhitabble for a few frames right after getting hit would do it, so at least if the blade gets stuck it would count somthing like 32 hits instead of 321. Or you can make it a thing! If a thrust gets in deep, maybe if it hits a hit box thats behind the character, the blade gets stuck, and the one who did it can do a fancy thing. He kicks the guy to pull it out, knocks him back and does critical damage. Or the other guy is just stunned and he pulls it out, and blood comes out while the enemy moves backwards. For controls, maybe it can be mouse to swing, because mouse has normal click and right click. One for the thrusting, another for slashing. Maybe even add a shift plus click for heavy attacks w guard break or knock back, or stun potential. Slashing is slower, but it can work against the cases where the sword is used to block attacks. It could be a slash that hits the sword, and temporarily moves it away, and leaves the sword side open to another slash or a thrust. Shield bashing would be cool too! It can drive away enemies that get too near, and it can stun if its not blocked. Oh, dashing attacks too, maybe diff moves can be done that way. Turning is an issue. I can beat the ai by running into him in points mode, being defensive w my shield for a bit, then getting behind him. He couldnt turn around to face me or rather he did so very slowly. My guy wasnt exactly facing him either. But I was able to hit his back with part of my sword, while he struggled to face me with his shield. Its true that in fighting you should circle your enemy and try to get him at an angle where he cant hit you( anywhere but right infront of him, where his guard is at its best) but this was exaggerated. The opening caused by movement is pretty small, unless you have him occupied by hits, its easy to turn and face someone. Other thing, attacks can pierce the shield, or rather, moving into the shield too much will pierce it.Its good that the blade shrinks, but it doesnt seem to be enough as the had and scabbard can pierce the shield, and when they do, the blade unshrinks and ends up piercing the enemy. Simply running into an enemy wont trigger this, and thats because the shield is pressed to his body, disabling the blade. Thats good, but sometimes, the shield doesnt press into the body and the hand is able to go through it, and with the shield out of the way, the sword comes back to full length and the enemy gets a nasty hit that keeps going. I noticed that when moving back, the shield is quite a distance away from you, maybe thats why. Maybe if someone is forced back, you have a chance of having the hand go through the shield as the shield doesnt stick w the defender....hm.... Maybe you can have the shield hand get pushed back more, maybe make a new situation where someone is being "pushed around". The shield sticks to the body of the defender. Or you can make it that the sword arm is pushed back as the attacker sticks to the shield...i dunno... You also cant control the shield hand that well, somtimes its near the body, defending your center well, but once you press S, it leaves you open as it stays to the side.

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Lemming1 responds:

Wow, what a great review. I cant comment on every point you made, but I will try.

There are multiple attacks if you keep swinging but I would like to make those more distinct in the future.

As for the art style we may add different styles for the knights that can be unlocked.

On the point about the controls you make a lot of good suggestions however because the game is two player and works on a gamepad adding mouse controls couldn’t work.

The AI can be fooled the game really needs to be played vs another human because all of these complexities can be exploited for either persons advantage

A very good initial release! The controls felt organic and responsive, but could use some improvement.

With some updates adding fixes and new content, this could be an amazing game!

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Game is very laggy. Artwork could be better gameplay is quite minimum and controls seem rough. Couple of bugs such as sword piercing through the shield like the shield doesn't exist. Dashing without double pressing the key and maybe a difficulty rating and more content like swords and shield. But the concept is nice and i kinda enjoyed it if it weren't for the lag

Lemming1 responds:

Oh no, that’s not good to hear. I have tried running the game on lots of slow computers and it always runs perfectly for me, what browser were you running? This is the first I have heard of any of those bugs.

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2.71 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2016
4:25 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS