Fight Knight

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Hail good Sir Knight!

Those buffoons from the neighbouring Kingdom have been scurrying about our land breaking our branches and bothering our butterflies. Wouldst thou perchance take on the battle of honour and rid the encampent of our enemy?

There shall be beauteous wenches and a feast waiting for you on the morrow should you succeed in your duty.

The swipes from your sword shall surely cause them to drop some secrets or information that you may gather and bring to us forthwith! Fare thee well!


W,A,S,D - Move
Double Tap W,A,S,D to Dash
Space to Swing Sword


The game has potential.

There needs to be maybe a campaign with boss battles, more attack animation, and more modes. It feels more like a beta than a finish product.

My biggest complaint was that there were times when my sword would hit their shield, and still count as a hit. idk if it glitched through the shield, or broke their defense, but it Seemed wierd to me. There also needs to be more explanation on what certain mechanics do, such as the branches and butterflies.

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I can't, in good conscience, give this game a single star because the game on my computer is unplayable. No matter which mode I pick or no matter how many times I refresh the page, the problem is still the same. The moment the countdown ends, both characters just walk off the right side of the screen. The controls do work, the characters would turn a bit and the attack button works, but it doesn't matter when I can't stop them from walking off the screen. I really want this game to be good, because I can see the potential of it being a cool and fun game, and with some updates, I believe it can be, but until the fix, I won't be able to see what it has to offer.

Lemming1 responds:

I agree with what you did. It's a shame because the game only lags when played on Newgrounds and I cant work out why. =(

using the mouse to navigate a game menu for a non-mouse game is one of those things that bothers me. My first instinct was to see what would happen if I just rush the opponent, and once you're sheild to sheild it's anyone's game. I really like this idea, just the engine needs a little more work, like different kinds of strikes- terrain/mobility situations, some kind of parry/ or controlled defense. Music is nice, sfx are cool, character designs are ok, everything's ok.

Lemming1 responds:

Thanks. I have added these things to my notes so I can work on them. Thanks for your feedback =D

The controls are really bad.

WASD to move is ok... not great for this but ok.

But double tapping cardinal directions for dashing... wuh??

Better control scheme:

WASD to move, space to dash, click to swing.

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Lemming1 responds:

Thanks. Had a lot of feedback on the controls so I can tell they need a lot of work!

My thought on improvement: This game needs a survival mode, that incorporates the blow that makes two widows.

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2.71 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2016
4:25 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS