Shaggy-Doo! (2015)

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Originally Uploaded: Nov. 2015 on YouTube.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usNHSwC9g2w

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Zoinks! The art style and animations are pretty much on point, and the flash type jankyness actually resembles the original cartoon. I seriously have to credit the voice actors as well, Daphne's pretty authentic, Velma's hilariously male, Freds intonation is great and Scooby nailed it. The details are funny as well, with a random Harrison Ford Painting on the wall, Daphne's arm falling off like a barbie dolls etc. And that twist at the end, unexpected lol.

Hey Like Cool man.

well shit, where was i when this cam out.

Dat Speedy dub music tho

haha love how its hilarious "so..." lol nice collab too with baby from rugrats lol