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Pokemon Rescue

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Grass Badge 5 Points

Complete 1st Level

Water Badge 5 Points

Complete 2nd Level

Bug Badge 10 Points

Complete 4th Level

Electric Badge 10 Points

Complete 5th Level

Fan Club 10 Points

Follow me on Newgrounds

Fire Badge 10 Points

Complete 3rd Level

Gift 10 Points

Hidden in 9th Level

Lost n Found 10 Points

Find it in 9th Level

Pokedex 10 Points

Complete 9th Level without buying pokedex

Ghost Badge 25 Points

Complete 7th Level

Magnet Badge 25 Points

Complete 6th Level

Pokemon Master 100 Points

Come First in "All-Tine" category

Author Comments

A Pokemon Fan Game :
Team Rocket are using a mind control device that is making the pokemons inactive.
They are being shipped from a factory to their Boss...

Rescue these pokemons before they can be shipped

Note : You might require a smartphone to complete the game
(if you want the medal)

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don't work medals bugs

this was fun but i didn't get the pokedex medal even though i used my phone

Not bad but not good, I did notice a few errors that need to be fixed or corrected:

Level 3 - Dragonite is NOT a Fire-type Pokémon

Level 6 - It's the Steel-type, not Magnetic type, that type does not exist. On that note, kind of a shame you didn't add in more than just the Magnemite, Beldum evolution lines and Registeel; could have added Mawile, Bisharp, and other Steel-types.

Level 7 - I notice this is one of the quicker levels with Pokémon spawning constantly, why are all the other levels slow-paced yet this one is faster?

Level 8 - This level has two bugs, the medal does NOT unlock and also, there is a chance that there will NOT be 7 Pokémon in the crates, on top of that, seems incredibly unfair to give the player a "game over" for one mess-up. Even after I finally did complete the level, the medal does not unlock.

Fight against Team Rocket - no issues here but makes no sense that this is the only level to lack an unlockable medal.

I also noticed that the music does STOP looping after about 20 minutes and does not restart.

The game itself is not entirely bad but given it is buggy and does not always play correctly, this one has a lot of room for improvement.

cool bages and game did not see ending coming with epic battle

Credits & Info

2.53 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2016
8:03 AM EDT

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