Man In Dungeon

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Go on a journey as a man, journey in a dungeon.....ok there is not really any story-line. It's a dungeon... or a cave or both... you explore... jump around.This is a 2D plat-former game where you use your abilities to avoid obstacles. But that aside, i did this project for me to learn more on game programming so don't really expect much but i do hope you enjoy it. Good Luck and Have Fun!

- [A] [W] [D] to move or use Arrow keys
- [E] or [SHIFT] for opening doors
- [SPACE] [W] [UpArrow] to jump or press twice to double jump
- [ESC] to pause the game

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I apologized for not making a volume button to play/stop the music.
There is also a lack of loading screen so if the screen is grey just wait for a few seconds and it'll load :)

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what the fuck is that second jump? it's like a pixel high. why did you do that? and the wall jumping feels disgusting.

Pretty good game, but it needs a death animation. If I'm gonna get insta-killed by spikes I'd rather be insta-killed with style :P

Got totally stuck not far in due to the double jump being utterly useless. The second jump is absolutely tiny and I cannot get over this huge gap, it is just not possible. Plus the character is really tiny making precision very difficult.

Dang, I want to finish it but, the fire is kinda drops my frame.. I have a good pc though, nonetheless, I like the graphics and music :-) Hope you could make more awesome game!

its a nice game... but it rely too much on backtrack... which makes a bit frustrating sometimes... check this video by extra credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H97gCCJFXA
Other than that, the controller its a bit floaty, and the spikes does not look too menacing...
but the game its a very well done, nice art and feel... great job

SirAlfi responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback :) the backtracking is actually one of the core designs for the levels. However, I try to make it so that it'll give you a new experience when you get back to the door by going through different path by not taking the same one again.

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3.01 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2016
2:14 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle