Frozen Moons

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Space Yeti 10 Points

Encounter a Space Yeti

Night Shift 50 Points

Survive the first mission in Campaign

Campaign Complete 100 Points

Complete all levels in Campaign

Maxed out 100 Points

Unlock all upgrades

Author Comments

Defend an arctic base on the frozen moon of Jupiter from being overrun by an invasion of aliens that have laid dormant beneath its crust.

A 360 degree shooter built featuring a story-driven campaign and a marathon mode!

Gain energy and strategically use it on ship upgrades to build the ultimate fighter!

Quick reference:
WASD - Move
E - Activate Shield
Spacebar - Detonate explosive
Shift - Move Faster (Hold)
Numrow 1, 2, 3, 4 - Switch weapon (when weapons are unlocked)

Thanks Newgrounds for featuring it :D


Solid game for a space shooter. I just wish that you got some health back during Marathons and that your armor upgrades would actually do something.

A nice timewaster but I think you kind of missed your target here. For a casual game Frozen Moon has too much, and for a campaign style game a bit too less.

What I mean by that is that you have an upgrade system that is completely redundant due to the way the game works. Spending 1-2 point makes no real difference in how the game is played and since you are rewarded points even when you die it means that you will eventually upgrade everything to the max. This however implies that the whole upgrade system is a broken, unnecessary part of the game.

Weapon drops: I had 2 weapon drop on level 3...then nothing through the game. I think you need to cahnge some numbers there.

I liked the music, the graphics are ok, the AI is very clever..ships often come on intercept course to catch you out.

All in all, the game is solid but due to the upgrade system and fact that you just constantly keep your left mouse button clicked this game becomes boring a bit too soon.

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Short, but incredibly fun game that's worth replaying.

Sound effects were on point, but I do feel the soundtrack needs some upgrading. Something more cyberpunk or techno-based with an epic tone, so it feels like you're in an intense battle.

Movements were fluid, and the weapons easy to use. But DO think it could use a practice/tutorial level to help introduce players into this gameplay. Since it's action-packed, it will take a few minutes to get used on keyboard controls.

The enemies provide a fair enough challenge. However, I would recommend some of them switch from their suicidal tactics, and actually try to shoot you more instead. The main challenge of the game is to avoid the large number of enemies trying to crash into you.

They also need some type of red arrow indicator, telling us where they are, as they often flank you and attack from off-screen, putting you at a disadvantage.

Last, but not least, the story needs some expansion. If it's just meant as an introduction into the gameplay, then fine, leave it as is. But if there ARE plans to make a more immersive campaign, definitely invest in expanding the story for future sequels.

Overall, still a fun game very much worth playing :)

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One of my favorite games, keep it up! :3

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I certainly found this to be a lot of fun! I think my favorite weapon would have to be the one where you track the enemy like a tractor beam. It was just so easy to hit your enemy. I liked how there were always new weapons. There didn't seem to be that many upgrades. The music was great!

You had to be so sharp with those. Everything goes pretty fast. You just don't know which direction these guys will come in next. Even when there's only a few of them, they rusht towards you like mad! On the second campaign, it's best to get out of the middle.

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Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2016
3:08 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional