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SAJ2016: Mary's Paradise

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Round 1: LOOP

Frames per Second: 24
Total Frames: 376
Loop Time: 15.6 seconds

I wasn't exactly inspired to make this but I wanted to practice drawing doves and city skylines. The latter I feel like I didn't learn too much about. If I had knowledge on 3d animation this could have been very different, but alas. I animated my backgrounds in photoshop, which took a bit long to do, even though I used a very crude brush(which was a failed experiment). I would really like to do more inbetweens, especially where the camera moves to the bus stop. I've become sick though and I should really be sleeping instead of doing work right now. Anyway, actionscript gave me a bit of trouble with the looping music. Originally I was going to lower the speed of the song but it just didn't sound right to me in the end. With the original tempo, the animation would have been under 15 seconds so I had to come up with some solution. I really wanted to use this song in particular because it hints at an underlying backstory.

Looking back now, I think I could have done a whole lot more, frame-by-frame wise. I assume the still shots will drastically affect my score in the long run, oh well. Anyway, enough of this boring bullshit. Did I mention I've been sick for the last 2 days? I'm going back to bed. Tragic )':

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It looks nice and stuff, but THE EPIC ROCK MUSIC (read that out loud screaming) doesn't really match the normal pigeon, the normal city and the normal bus. And it's short. Extremely short.

Hey! This turned out awesome! It's got great pacing to it and definitely is fun to watch loop over and over again! It's neat hearing your process in the comments, I always find that interesting. Great work as always! :)

Whirlguy responds:

Haha sometimes I lose myself in writing down any sort of process I'm going through. I'm glad reading about it isn't a strain. Thanks a lot man!

Nice result!, one of the things I've found most difficult to learn in 2d animation is complex camera movements and changes of perspective, and while there could be (in some cases) more frames on the background transformations I think that's starting to work pretty well here.

Whirlguy responds:

I find that having sketches of the first and last shot gives a lot of room to gradually work out the environmental inbetweens. Heh, I say that now but I had to redraw the sketches at some point. It's pretty tricky as you say. Luckily none of it had to be very detailed, that would have taken forever. Thanks for the review!

Really impressive knowing how must spit you've done these last two weeks.

Love how the camera pans around the bird in the beginning of the loop.
I'm positive you will make it somewhere in the top ten, even with the still shots that you think will bring you down.

Whirlguy responds:

Thank you man, guess we'll have to wait and see though :)

Nice animation, a bit laggy at times though. Loved the music and the 3D Effects :)

Whirlguy responds:

Thanks! Yeah, it gets a bit choppy at times but I'm glad you like it.