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A Game For Zombie Stoners

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⚠WARNING: Extremely flashy shit!!⚠

How to play: Click shit, but not the shit you're not supposed to click.

Objective: The object of the game is to win.

EDIT 6/26/2016: Now that this has passed judgement, (It has, hasn't it?) I'll actually tell you


The goal is to fill the screen with flashing bars and to have them blink as fast as you can make them go. (Sorry epileptic people) The way this is achieved is by tapping the RED and BLUE boxes. (Sorry colorblind people)
But there's more. What you absolutely do NOT want to do is tap the green and yellow boxes as this will reverse your progress and it's very easy to undo everything as these "bad" boxes are not destroyed upon being tapped.

It's pretty obvious when you win, so you'll know if you've won. Closing the game does not equal winning.

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Definitely a great concept! Could use some work though.

I love this concept :))))
Great game!

I'm not awarding 4 stars for 4minute work every day ;) (jk) )

i like it, but need more features so simply and there are not instructions (well there is but not in the game, is better if u put it from the game

i hope part 2 is better and why the name? i don't understand why is called like that but well keep it up like that just try to add more features

20/10 would seizure again

Eric-McTrainshit responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the seizure simulator, Platypus. Maybe in the future I'll make a sequel with more content if I come up with any other pointless game mechanics that I can practice coding out.

I get it now. It all makes sense. Also, you probably shouldn't have said this was for everyone. Also, "closing the game does not equal winning" xD