KR Drive Flash Belt

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This flash is a flash depiction of the DX Drive Driver, Mach Driver, Break Gunner, Lupin Gunner, & accompanying weapons.


3.151: Added neo viral cores to the gunners, added lupin's mark for the background, recolored the break gunner, door-ju, and handle-ken.

3.15: Lupin Blade Vector added. You can change between the hissatsu and gun/blade the same way as you do with rhino.

Newer features to be added:
- Vectors
- Heatron & Ride Crosser
- More Shift Cars for the Mach Driver
- Weapons
- Rhino Super on Mach Driver Break Gunner
- Tunes for Lupin Gunner
- More Mach driver flames


Very nice. But how do i use over tridoron cause it is the one tha most get my intrest

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Glad you upload it to Newgrounds

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This is not a game

CometComics responds:

That's why it's listed as "Gadgets - Other" and not a game.

Pretty cool actually. might help to have any idea what Kamen Rider is but i liked it.

CometComics responds:

Thanks! It's a Japanese super hero series that started in 1971 & continues on today with a different show ever year. This is based on last year's hero, the car themed Kamen Rider Drive.

For some context, Super Sentai, the Japanese Power Rangers, were created by the same guy, Shotaro Ishinomori, 5 years later & was originally a team composed of five Riders.

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Jun 24, 2016
8:26 PM EDT
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