Sins Of Daisy Episode 1

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You can play the demo for Episode 2 & Episode 3.

I fixed the diary error and the murder typo.

I fixed the issue with navigating outside the interior walls in the morgue.

Changed some dialogue scenes.

You're not supposed to see the final page of the diary in Episode 1. This will be revealed in Episode 3.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


*Game works best with Firefox*


The small town of Foxwood receives unwanted attention as the death of three girls becomes the focal point and the talk of the town. Daisy Winters, Rose Summers, and Leslie Falls die two days before their high school graduation in an alleged suicide pact. Quinn, a private investigator, takes on the case to figure out how the girls died. Missing evidence and an incompetent police department hinders his investigation until he comes across a diary belonging to one of the victims. The diary sheds light on the town's troubled past and why the town is covering up the deaths.


Sins Of Daisy is a episodic crime drama that will span four episodes. Each episode will have two different endings. The choices you make in the game will determine how the game progresses. These choices will carry over from the previous episode to the next episode. You determine the characters fate so be careful of what choices you make.

Up: ↑
Left: ←
Right: →
Down: ↓
Accept: Z
Cancel/Menu: X
Speed: Hold Shift To Walk Faster Or To Speed Up Text.
*You can also use the mouse to control the character.*

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It's almost impossible for me to rate a detective game like this after this first episode. A good detective game (at least in my mind) should challenge a player to pay attention to details and draw appropriate conclusions based on everything they see. Since there isn't really any sort of wrap-up in this episode, I'll have to wait until the others to decide if it meets that criteria and how good of a detective game this is. But it did accomplish one mission: it made me interested enough in the series that I'll play episode 2 when it does come out.

Why the sudden change of heart bitch. That what I read in my mind till I reread :)
Game was interesting but I didn't the the code thing. I do not think is worth the effort to decipher the code.

I would have given it a 5 but the episode was a bit too short. Love the idea though. Also lots of useless stuff none of it had an actual part or it was just too much decoration. Can't wait for more

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ALllllright. I thought this was a pretty fun little game, but it has many errors.

I'll start with the good here, the riddles, I LOVED. Their simple, but I love having to actually decode stuff and have it be fun, so points to you there, but that may be me being biased.

The game was incredibly short, but you did a decent job of building up some nice suspense, but I felt like you leaned on having too short of a game too hard. Why not make more game, and just keep us guessing by not revealing too much information at a time?

I noticed an error in your decoding in the first diary entry you had to decode, You put "He's rcading" instead of "He's reading". Didn't notice any more errors throughout.

~~~ Super spoiler warning~~~
The dad trying to talk down the detective sounded like pure insanity. "Horrible, insane, mother"? Yea sure whatever. If that's what was intended, great on you, sounded like it. To accuse the mother would've been pretty insane, given the evidence. Overall, It left me wanting more, this score will probably increase in the coming games, but this is a nice start.

Amazing but too short

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3.79 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2016
11:28 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click