Harambe's Revenge

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- After being framed for murder and executed, Harambe's burning rage fuels his resurrection. Help him quench his bloodlust! -

Arrow keys - Movement
Space - Ground pound
Enter - Pause

A shitty little game I made in 3 days for shits and giggles, all sound effects used are not mine and the quality monkey pics were ripped from google.

Level theme - Donkey Kong Country theme aswell as a metal version made by Nainanglais1

Main menu - Halo 3 menu theme

Ending screen - Don't wanna miss a thing

Boss battle - Collective Consciousness

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A very tragic story of a black individual called Harambe experiencing an emotional crysis. This game is filled with tension and you will be filled with eagerness as how the intellectual Harambe McDindu will recover from his unfair demise. In the perspective of the player, you can experience the message the game developer wants to convey through this game. I am now fully aware of the severity of PoC racism.

really shitty made but that kinda makes it more charming and adds to the humor. cool game

metalmikata responds:

If I ever made a case for this game and needed a review to print on the cover, this would be it.

I get the joke and I like the idea, but unfortunately is not very well made.
My plugin crashed the two times I tired to play. (firefox).

metalmikata responds:

Yeah you're right, for some reason Stencyl (the program I used to make this) makes crashes very easy since it can't handle a ton of things happening on screen at once.

Sorry about that man, I hope you enjoyed the little taste of Monkey Madness you had before the game just fucked your shit up.

Wow super funny!

metalmikata responds:

I'm glad you think so mate :)

Cool I Would totally play this game again!!

metalmikata responds:

I appreciate it fam, may Harambe smile down on you for the rest of your days.