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Apollina´s Spell - Greek antique parody

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Apollo 10 Points

Paint the Apollo sculpture

Atlas 10 Points

Paint the Atlas sculpture

Basilisk 10 Points

Defeat the Basilisks

Centaur 10 Points

Defeat the Centaurs

Cerberus 10 Points

Defeat the Cerberus

Charon 10 Points

Cross the Hades river on Charon´s ferry

Discobolus 10 Points

Paint the Discobolus sculpture

Eros 10 Points

Paint the Eros sculpture

Feus 10 Points

Fertilizes Apolina

Medusa 10 Points

Defeat a Medusa

Poseidon 10 Points

Paint the Poseidon sculpture

Riddles of the Sphinx 10 Points

Answer the riddles of the Sphinx

Spinario 10 Points

Paint the Spinario sculpture

The Fates 10 Points

Meet the Fates

Venus 10 Points

Paint the Venus sculpture

Amphisbaena 25 Points

Defeat the Amphisbaena

Cyclops 25 Points

Defeat the Cyclps

Golden Olives 25 Points

Win the race against the Sphinx

Harp of Taurinus 25 Points

Play the Harp of Taurinus

Harpies 25 Points

Defeat 2 Harpies

Minortaurus 25 Points

Defeat the Minortaurus

Minotaur 25 Points

Defeat the Minotaur

Not the right time 25 Points

Find the secret place

Pegasus 25 Points

Find the Pegasus

Greek antique Pac Man 50 Points

Be the master of the maze

Porfeo 50 Points

Win the Game

Author Comments

The greek god Feus used his magic to impregnate Apollina who gave birth an old and ugly growed man named Porfeo, then the jealousy Aphoditax puts another spell on Apollina. Porfeo fights a lot of mythological monsters trying to find the cure for the curse... a whole greek soup opera.
Sorry if anything is bad writted, is the Munguía´s Spell, point anything i can improve.
Use Arrows to move, jump, double jump, and duck, z,x and c for actions.
if you need any help check this link http://munguiavideojuegos.blogspot.com/2016/06/el-hechizo-de-apolina-parodia-en-grecia.html

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A parody of greek mythology - Munguia makes good parodies of things most people don't even think as capable of being parodied.

The game is funny, more so if you are well read and know your greek mythology. It's all about greek references and not about serious gameplay. Everyone voting low must be an ignorant postmodern cultural bastard grown on burgers and worst of popculture.

Despite having flaws, this game is pretty great. Also, I love Greek Mythology and enjoyed the parody that you made of it here. Kudos to you dude!

Check it it lacks a bit of speed and it runs slow just a little, the music isn't that good and you die easily.. You could've put a little more effort into this game, but you tried your best.

Hit boxes on enemies is too tight leaving you to die multiple times leaving most of us unable to move on/progress in the game. Was asked to re-review it and decided to rate it 1/2 star. Not being a jerk, but this game was not your best. The music/movie parodies are your superior posts.

This is really refreshing. It feels like you went with your gut feeling on this one rather than saying "I'm going to make a jump 'n run/shoot 'em up/etc." Lovely game combining several genres.