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Click the buttons. Just, click them. JUST DO IT.


Pretty good! The only problem I really have is that some articles of clothing and other features poke out when they should be hidden. Also, I recommend adding in more of everything. Otherwise, there's not much creativity or fun in the game; because you can only do so much with the features of twelve + trolls.
I do however really love the artwork and style used!

Its really good always wanted a game like this good work with the art design!

Pretty good you get to Create them yes, but you can't send them to do something or something to show off the character like a screenshot.

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Rated 2 stars. Nothing too new or interesting. It's generic dress-up game with generic art and generic options. Some of the items (the jackets) have clipping issues.

While i do admire your drive to make a completed project and upload it for all to praise or criticize freely; I highly recommend you take look at some of the other dress-up games NG has to offer. The portal is full of submissions. If you want to stand out and be noticed, you're going to have to spend the countless hours working for it.

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pretty good. the jackets dont work very well though.

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2.63 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2016
8:54 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up