Detective Sir Biscuit

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NOT an adventure game this time, more of a detective game
Someone has sabotaged Mr. Green’s restaurant’s neon sign. There are six suspects who had motives to do so, but can you guess who did it on your first try?

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Fun game, I like detective games better then the overdone adventure games. I wish Carmel would make more of these, I liked this author's first detective game about Scherlock Holmes better then most of his adventure games too.

There are some issues with this game trough, first of all - no clear evidence is found and what is guessed here is just pure probability, actually nearly anyone could have don that. For instance we are to take the word of a the Italian chef that he left town for a convention. A real detective would contact the convention members to check if he was really there. We are supposed to believe that the boy could not do it because he is wearing gloves at all times for my medical reasons and could not have left the fingerprint, but a real detective in a proper game would contact his doctor to make sure he really has that medical issue.

The two women had no alibi whatsoever.

Having said that I must mention that I guessed the wrongdoer as my second guess and I think that my first guess is still a better candidate then the real wrongdoer. My first guess is Alfie and I think he could have still done that. Here is why:

I correctly noticed that there is a hidden saw in the gift shop and concluded that this was the one saw game makers implied was used to break the lock. However the gift shop keeper had a very weak motive, while Alfie had a strong motive. The author of this game missed a very sophisticated scenario - what if Alfie copied the keys of the gift shop and entered the gift shop at night (remember the shop owner tells he closes early due to the neon sign making work impossible at night), then Alfie could have taken the saw and shops wrapping paper and used them to break the lock, write the note and frame the shopkeeper! Then he put the saw back in place and locked the shop so that nobody could even see he was there!

This would have been a much more sophisticated and interesting scenario, but the author missed it and went with a very plain and boring one. Sad.

I would have given this game full stars if the smart scenario where Alfie did it by framing Henry the shopkeeper would be the right answer and there would be possibilities to check the alibi of the chef and gloves boy. Alas as always Carmel games cut's his games too short and simple. I am adding a half-star more then for the usual adventure game of theirs trough.

Complete in 10 or less seconds Walkthrough- speed through text by hyper clicking on bottom left until you click I know who did it. Click the "yes" box. Then click the only guy who's smiling.

Review- It was a decent game, buuut there were several people who could of done it, and using REAL WORLD logic the guy who DID do it didn't have the biggest motive. But if you've played DeathTiger0's games before it doesn't really rely too much on logic, so after talking to like two people, not even really looking around, I just did the above "clicking the only guy smiling".


I thought it was Alfie. He can break in any house without forcing the lock, but that would be suspicious, so he also could just take the saw from his own store. Besides, Henry had an increase in sales thanks to the costumers of the Green Burger, so he could see the bright side, he has not enough reasons for sabotage. I guess I should pay attention to the gift paper and that saw around there for no reason. I mean, if you want to hide something, there are better places, right? I thought my deduction was sense. Sad.

Please make more games like this! Very nice!

That's a fairly easy case to solve. Not bad but, it is not very interesting either.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2016
8:21 AM EDT
Adventure - Other
  • Daily 5th Place June 21, 2016