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Kill! Kill! Street Level

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A short click & kill stick game level I made.

Tip: The goal is to kill all the sticks without the murders being seen. This involves clicking objects to kill, with good timing to be unseen.

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I admit, it took me a while to figure out how to kill the last guy haha but this was fun. Good job, I'd like to see more!

is a good game, and killing everyone without the idiot in the roof noticing was a little hard, i have to refresh the page for playing, i don't know why there was a bug, only showing me the guy in the roof and the one with the knife

People seriously need to read. If instructions aren't in the game then you check the description (though I will admit that you need to be very direct with the rules, such as stating "Your goal is to kill all stickmen without anyone witnessing the murders. Click on objects to move and activate them.") Still, the game works and this isn't the first game to do something like this, such as the ClickDeath series so I don't understand why people are confused.

I think you did a good job on this and I hope you make more, though I have a few suggestions.
- Right off the back, you have a timed event where within the first 10 seconds, the game will end if you don't kill the guy on the roof. By this point, players are still trying to figure out what they can click on so having this right at the beginning is frustrating. Maybe have a timed event like this activate right after the first time a player clicks on something or add a pause button where all action freezes and the player can't activate things (though still have it so their mouse will change whenever they move over something clickable so they can learn what to click on).
- There's a bug. If you click on the car to make it fall over while the guy isn't underneath it and then you click on the skateboard, the guy will grab it and then point at the car as if someone was killed and you lose. Is that intentional?
- This isn't necessarily bad, but I was able to press the tab button to find all the clickable places. It helped me figure out how to beat the game.

I look forward to your next game. Good luck!

ssjbryando responds:

Very late response. But very good points, thanks!

It took me longer to figure out what the purpose of this game was than to actually play it. Therefore I can fully understand someone giving 0 stars for not having proper instructions. This game is a good proof of concept, but it's like the first 10% of a complete game.

I just don't see what I am supposed to do, so I can't progress.

The games see very good, the graphic seem perfect and the rest of the games seem good, but we need more details in the instructions to know what we are supposed to click.

ssjbryando responds:

Unfortunate that you'd give it 0 stars only because of unclarity, despite still effort being put into the game. But it is feedback, so thanks. I'll adjust it in the future!