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Short Stick Figure Fight! (My First Time using Adobe Flash)

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A Short Animation of Stick Figure

This is my first time Animating using Adobe Flash but it seems good enough for me for a first time. It took 2 Days to learn and 3 days animating this peace.

So Stay Tuned Because I will make more Videos and Much more longer animations!!

BG Music: Undertale- Ghost Fight Remix By Kamex

Liikeee, Shareee, Commenttt!
& Be Sure to Subcribe to my Channel! :)
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Not sure how I stumbled across this. But... For your first flash animation, not too shabby (it's honestly a lot better than the first one I made, which isn't even worth putting on this site).
It's definitely rough around the edges, but the characterization, the timing, and overall feel is not too bad. Can actually get a sense of the characters from it (which is more than I could say from some of my first works). Definitely keep at it, though, as you got a nice start.


VrickG-Animated responds:

Hahahah!!! yeh back then I am so proud of this and I really want to show to ppl wat I did but now i just want to throw it away hahah but meh, its almost 1 year ago so just leave it there. And also I'm better now, i guess.. I have an upcoming short this May so wait for it ;) and thanks btw, you're nice!