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Mr. Sneaks - episode 2

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Mr. Sneaks goes out for a drink

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The amount of talent and creativity in this is incredible.

Ant0on responds:

cheers, glad you enjoyed it :)

This is seriously a work of art, I love it.

And it's depressing too.

oh, i get it, phone bad

I love this. This a great take on old school cartoons. It gets that great feel of Fleischer cartoons and updates them really effectively, which can't be said of main of the attempts to update them.

I'd love to have seen it get more surreal. Just becasue that's my favourite bit of old cartoons. When they get messed up.

Thank you for this.

Ant0on responds:

Thank you! And yeah, I really love older cartoons :) It's just sad that not many people seem to care about pure cartooning anymore, especially since anime happened, so I guess thats why few animators do them today. But I'll still keep making them whenever I can!

I was very impressed by the animation and sound design during the drink-stealing scenes. Especially with the creativity of the scenes. Some very nice homages to a seemingly bygone era.

Was one of the dances a reference to "The Big Snit"?

In the latter half, I found myself wishing for more beautiful, fluid animation as seen in the first half.

Good color design & visually distinct style for Mr. Sneaks, less so for most of the background characters - especially in the scene where they're all filming him. There was clearly an opportunity for visual gags there, but (as far as I could tell) you played it straight.

Please keep up the good work.

Ant0on responds:

Thanks for the well written review!!
This film was a big experiment, as I my goal was to do a much longer version of Sneaks episode as fast as possible. You are very right that the animation changes throughout the whole film, so its never quite constant, as I was trying some things with limited animation as well.

Its really interesting you mentioned the Big Snit!! I knew about this film from the animation books, but I never really saw it. So now looking at the youtube clips, I can see some similar design choices there with Sneaks (big nose etc.).

The BG and other characters are very bland, indeed. I didnt really focus on that, as all the effort I put on Sneaks, to make him stand out more than in the previous cartoon of him (Ep.1). Its true that there were many gag opportunities that I missed, but I hope in the future episodes I will be more prepared to squeeze every bit of a situation :)

Thanks again , and I'm glad you enjoyed it!