Sanity Check: Chapter 1

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Sanity Check is a game about the creative process, game design, and what it means to be an artist in the modern age. But...more specifically, it's a game about power-mad demon ladies, showboating skeletons and elder gods who just can't stick to the script. A hapless creator's first RPG Maker game spirals out of control as the stock assets take over and begin running the show.

Beat the combat scripting out of enemies to learn their moves! Experiment with unique equipment that radically alters your playstyle! Encounter hilarious monsters, each fight with its own unique dialogue! And maybe even find some secrets!

It's time for a Sanity Check!

UPDATE: Sanity Check now has a twitter feed! Follow for updates on future chapters, all courtesy of your favorite demon!


Also, if you're having trouble playing, the downloadable version of this game might run better on your system. You can find it here:


ALSO UPDATE: Looking for Sanity Check cheat codes? Have a very silly video explaining them. https://youtu.be/WfiK8XVtBXk

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Well, that was hilarious! XD Really deserves more chapters. It was also balanced quite well, difficult at the beginning and in the FINAL ZONE, but not frustrating. Nice plot, too, with the game developing on the go :)
Some aspects could use improvement or seem incomplete. There are many objects in the dungeon but almost nothing to interact with, very little to buy in the market, MP is apparently unused, I still don't understand the SP regeneration pace, and selecting the hero during combat is redundant - I really thought there'll be additional characters in the party...
Still awesome, to be clear :)

L0L!!!! Reminds me of my first time making games at RPG Maker. Me and a couple of friends got together and we wanted to make a game, and RPG Maker was our only engine, so we just messes up with every feature and tool until we found out a way to actually make something. When it was over it was all sloppy and glitched, but we ha a blast playing it just bacause it was ours!! Very great game.

This was highly entertaining. I love games that make fun of themselves. My only real complain is sometimes the game sort of freezes when an enemy does a special move or other loads happen.

Great game, but good lord the loading!! The game frequently freezes, sometimes mid-battle, sometime at the loading screen-even worse, it pops up a messeage: "Can't load [whatever file that is]" and I have no choice but to refresh. More than usual the frame rate become jerky. I don't know why,but all of your game seem to share the same problems. Beside that, the story, character and classic RPG game play are good.
By the way, I'm writing this review when waiting for the game to load ==

amazing work

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3.90 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2016
9:53 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG