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The Fallen

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Author Comments

Warning: Don't play if you have any heart disease or you dislike horror.

Long time has passed since greek civilization fell, but there are still mythological treasures to discover.
2nd of April, 1996
A team of archaeologists has discovered one of the biggest mythological temples ever built. Though no one knows what's inside, ancient writings say there are priceless treasures. You, a treasure hunter, have open one of the temple's back doors... Once inside, you discover priceless treasures are just gold dust, though they weren't wrong, they didn't say the temple wasn't alone. You must find the exit of the temple before they catch you but, the only thing you know is that there must have a key and a door somewhere.


- PC -
+ W to Walk
+ Mouse to Turn
+ Left Click to Shoot

- Mobile -
+ Hold anywhere to Walk & Turn
+ Tap the Gray Button to Shoot


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I can't see anything :(

Not scary enough, unfairly hard, bad graphics, bad controls... Its not my type of game

The idea is cool and original. However, the plot should be a little more developed. The character gets stuck very easily (even in the middle of the corridors) but I liked the controls. In turn, I found walking through the black screen was pretty boring. Thus, I would suggest you put a map indicating where the door is and where you are (not with all the corridors, just in order to indicate a direction). And last thing, the screamer is not scary at all since it is always the same and in the end it is just annoying. Please, improve it! It has a great potential :)

The aim of the game is to find a key to exit the temple. I like the way you see the environment, but why don't you add a torch or something for the mechanic to make sense?
The guy bugs out when he walks into a wall; this can either slow you or give you a sudden speed boost.

Also very simple AI for the creatures that follow you around (I would rate it simpler then the ghosts in pac-man); do they spawn constantly or is there a limited number?
Not a great fan of the jumpscare... The random placement, the way it takes up too much of the screen, and the picture itself (a distorted girl) kind of ruined the experience and feel of the entire game. Is this supposed to tie in with the singing girl you hear as you start the game?

I found an exploit where you can trick the monsters into staying in one place where you can easily kill them; you can go past the exit door without the key and wait for the monsters to stupidly follow you to the door, where they cannot pass; here they can be easily killed.

In terms of feel and plot...
The rain at the beggining is strange, but acceptable. The girl singing and the bad jumpscare are confusing because they don't really tie in with anything the description explains, and it raises some questions:
-Why is there a girl singing when you boot up the game?
-Where are the other members in the team of archaeologists?
-What exactly is your light source?
-Where did you get the gun from?
-Why is this "greek temple" built like a maze and out of stone bricks (in contrast to marble or even granite)?
-What is the meaning of the jumpscare?
A good try, but not really worth my time. If these questions were dealt with, it might be a different story.

Luminem responds:

I love your review, I'll try to answer every question
- The girl singing, it's to make ambient?
- You aren't an archaeologist, you're a treasure hunter.
- Light source, it's in your hands, more or less though graphics don't show it.
- I don't imagine a treasures hunter without a gun, I guess he bought it somewhere
- It's my vision of a greek temple based on GoW 1
-The meaning of the jumpscare is trying to scare you, I don't imagine a horror movie or game without a jumpscare

Last thing I want to reply:
No, girl who sings isn't the girl who's inside the temple. First version of this game was placed in a abandoned house, girl was the main demon and the gameplay would be completly different. Due to gameplay problems I had to change the whole plot, but I thought song was cool that's because I left it.

slow gameplay, poor and frustrating controls, weird jumpscare that takes up most of the screen. just not good.