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The Ramen Prince (Ramen no Oujisama) [18+]

rated 3.51 / 5 stars
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Jun 13, 2016 | 8:08 AM EDT

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Author Comments

[CURRENT VERSION v0.5.0 2017-10-19]


Character routes:
+ 5 completed character routes (2 Patreon exclusive character routes)

To access the rest of the character routes, please consider supporting us on patreon!

Let us know if you encounter bugs :3

Thanks to a generous benefactor, you're starting fresh in a new city with a new ramen restaurant. Can you learn to juggle business with pleasure, and get the girl of his dreams?

- Please use Google Chome.
- Please don't use your old save game.
- WINDOWS, LINUX, MACOS X (10.9+, AND 10.6-10.8) also available! You can get them here:


This game is under ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT (consider it an alpha or early access release), and we are constantly bringing in more graphics, story, and sound assets as our vision evolves, so there's always good reason to replay a route for improvements and for extended storylines!

If you like our stuff, and want to see more games from us (or for more updates on this game), please support us on Patreon:

Your support means a lot to us! Please leave your comments below - we'd love to hear your thoughts about our game!

Copyright Stuff...
Ramen no Oujisama story, character concepts, and character artwork by BeerBrew and Sharkie. We have acquired appropriate licenses for game assets where applicable. Assets with Creative Commons 0 (public domain, no attribution needed) license used. Fonts with SIL Open Font License also used.


v0.5.0 [10.19.2017]
-BUG FIX! Omake scenario unlock problem and global variable stuff.

v0.5.0 [10.08.2017]
- NEW! 5th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now)
- NEW! More music added!
- NEW! Event CGs added!
- NEW! Omake scenarios now open! (Exclusive to patrons!)
- NEW! New Secret Codes added. Secret Codes updated!
- NEW! Spanish translation available in prologue/intro section! (Thanks, Project Gamer Japones!)
- BUG FIX! A ton of stuff under the hood.

v0.4.5 [08.18.2017]
- BUG FIX! Fixed gallery-related problems.
- Fixed some typos
- NEW! Added new event CG.
- BUG FIX! General bug fix. Fix missing stuff for Android version.

v0.4.5 [08.14.2017]
- NEW! 5th character route added! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now)
- NEW! X-ray control buttons added!
- NEW! Updated Sango's SEs!
- BUG FIX! Animation-related speed related.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I played this game and I LOVEEDD IT...started the detective route then went for the Ren route...still need to finish it...however I noticed that when you get to the main menu...if you get disconnected from the internet it will bring you to a black screen when you try to play...probably just it getting information because once to hit continue then get disconnected from the internet it works just fine...on a side note for all those people who dont know how to get Ren...well..ill give you a must Lie and run with it the next day.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

After playing it on & off for 2 week's I can safely say though all the route's Ren was always best girl!, best wing girl sometime's too.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ok, I LOVE the game, I do have a question, I plan on becoming a patron, could you just tell me how it works, (I get a card and pledge money I know that) like, how much I need to pledge to get the special content I checked your site and found nothing about the Patron Exclusives, is it just to all Patrons? And would I have to input a code or get the Windows version to unlock the Patron Exclusives, please do reply and thank you for developing such an amazing game!

PaperWaifu responds:


As a patron, we provide you the patron version of the game that has the latest completed character routes and certain exclusive stuff (stuff that's available here and not in the demo version, or may be available here first). It's currently available for tiers $2 and up (may be subject to change down the road.) Ramen no Oujisama's builds are for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android.

- $10 get access to the Walkthroughs and Secret Codes. These are available in this perma-post:

- $10 patrons also get to see the stuff we're working on earlier including the sexy stuff.
- The Secret Codes change depending on which version/build (ex: v0.4.5, v0.5.0, v0.5.5, etc...) of the game you have. Secret Codes can be added or changed later on in the development of the game :) You enter these in the titlescreen area called "Enter Secret Code". You can use your keyboard or the virtual keyboard to type it in. Hit on the "Return" or "Enter" button on the virtual keyboard to enter the Secret Code.

More on rewards are on the side panel :) (I think we'll have to update the page sometime soon to include more about what these special features are like. Thanks for pointing this out to us!)

*This page is being updated and the new walkthrough access will be added in later (soon). The link to this page is found in our patreon front page. Just search for "OTHER IMPORTANT LINKS".

**Hint: In each creator's front page, there are three tabs: Overview, Posts, and Community. Overview shows you the intro about the creator along with the posts (and maybe community) at the bottom. To jump straight to the posts, just click on the Posts tab. To see what others have posted about the game, or if you'd like to post something yourself, click on the Community tab.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just noticed, at the Shrine after visiting several other places... the only thing visible of Aya is her eyes and mouth and nose.

PaperWaifu responds:

Hey! Thanks for letting us know! Try restarting the game in the meantime. Is she surrounded by a black rectangle or something? Or do you just see a floating face? (You can PM us to reply about this, since this is posting a response to your review (I think it won't let you directly respond to it)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Note: This review was written as of v0.4.0 [07.14.2017]

First off, this game deserves significantly more support than it already has.

I don't even know where to start. A lot of games in the adult section of Newgrounds are often not worth your time, in my opinion. They can be rushed, and have very bland boring characters, or strange gameplay mechanics which work awfully with whatever sort of romance system is in place.

I think that The Ramen Prince stands out above any game on Newgrounds. The artwork is out-right fantastic, and the H-scenes are very nicely animated. The characters are incredible. They are all very unique, and believable characters that tell an amazing story. The various stories you can play through are all extremely well written, and the way in which all the characters tie into each story. There are also so many decisions to be made while playing through the game, some with only a small dialogue's difference, others, causing entirely different events to happen, or completely changing the story. This is quite rare to see in games, as many claim "Your decisions matter, and affect the world around you" but few are able to truly create an immersive world in which you tell the story, and not the game itself. Each of the possible stories also seem to have (Or will have) multiple endings, in which are all based on the decisions you make throughout the game.

Other than a few mistakes made in the dialogue (Especially with the newer Cat Detective story), I haven't noticed many problems with the game. As the game is in its early stages, I think its difficult to properly critique it. My biggest complaint is probably that there is no option (yet) to make a Speciality Ramen inspired by Ren, thus allowing us to have a story based around her, potentially find out more about her, and of course, finally see what's under that tuxedo / suit of hers ;).

I'm not sure how fast the development of The Ramen Prince is, but I'm assuming as the developers have opened a Patreon we can all hope they get enough support to continue working on the game. I think the developers have done an amazing job and definitely deserve more support. Very well done to you guys.

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