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the guardian of the temple

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Directed by Ludovic Kirongozi, Malick Bordonado, Maxime Defraigne
Graduation project from Esiaj
Main softwares used : Maya, Zbrush, Guerilla Render, Nuke
Music :Moorland - Bob Bradley / Kathryn Tickell
Happy everyday- Kes Loy / Lincoln Grounds
Firebrand-Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creativ Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Contacts :




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wow! what a great 3-D animation!
all of the characters were INCREDIBLY detailed, (from their clothes/the texture of their clothes/of their skin, to their eyes, to their hair, to their teeth... everything was detailed on them), the main characters were really cool, and the whole story was both interesting, with action, AND funny.
i liked the guy with the straw hat( was this a reference to the ''one piece'' manga?), and his peruvian guide with the smartphone, and i laughed alot when i saw that, while the straw hat man was exploring the inner rooms of the temple, the peruvian guide was looking for a date on his smartphone! and the ''dating'' photos were hillarious! XD
as for the ending, it was amazing, and very very awesome.

excellent work on everything, from the texture of the hat, to the details in the characters eyes/in the lighting/shading effects(which are HARD to achieve on 3-D objects+in 3-D animation in general), in the character's face expressions... everything was awesome, while the whole animation was quick, flawless, and very enjoyable.

a perfect 3-D movie/animation.
you should do this professionaly. (if you're not doing this already, in a studio)

keep up the great work, you rock!

ludokiro responds:

Thanks man.

yes this is a reference to one piece we were 3 on this project and each one of us love this manga.