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You know that certain feeling when you meet someone you like or you're infatuated with?


This animation took us 5 days to make in total, not counting the times when they have school or work. haha

But I'm really glad we're able to finish it within the deadline.

Sparks is also on youtube and part of a contest for the first ever Animation Jam held here in our country. :)


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I found it kind of an praise to the spirit helpers around. Well done!

This is extremely awesome! I like the use of the colours, but I sadly did not completely follow the story.
Anyways, great job! ;)

Wonderful, just wonderful..

Enough to make a Man Cry.

I love it. It shows that we shouldn't let out work or the internet/cell phone tell us what to do Human companionship is more important

Was having a pretty crappy day until I saw this -- I can relate to having to deal with client expectations. 5 stars, looking forward to seeing more from you