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Shadow Arts

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UPDATE v1.1:
- Fixed the crashing issue after the 2nd boss fight.
- Fixed the black/blank screen after the 2nd boss fight.
- Fixed the survival mode not working.

Play as Talia, a female warrior out for vengeance in this fast-paced, action-adventure game!


- Style-Change Combat System
- Epic boss fights
- Great story mode
- Survival mode
- Upgrade system

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Graphics are average, average is worse than decent. The controls are not player friendly. If you gave us the option to remap the controls, that would be helpful. Gameplay was hard to enjoy due to the lag. The Lag Monster can ruin any game.

Controls are horrendous, graphics, design, and story are okay though.

I really, really like this. My favorite part is how you're not going through a menu to choose your attack, spell, etc. Instead you gotta use your wits, something I personally prefer when on the battlefield. It's a new concept that hasn't been tackled by most rpgs.

I should probably inform you that I did encounter a glitch on my first playthrough. At the first boss, I lost to him twice, but because of my persistent button spamming admittedly, at the beginning of the third round, he got insta-destroyed. So yeah. That happened.

Great game so far. I want to see more of this if possible.

Some people are being too harsh with this game. It's not perfectly executed but it's a great game in the end.

Very mediocre.

Subpar framerates, horrendous control scheme, input delay, hit or miss (mostly miss) animations...

I can forgive most of that if the gameplay was fun. It isn't. It's quite awful, really. Maybe it's not my type of game, but it's just hammering on the E key until you hammer on the W and Q keys. Very little is needed in terms of strategy.

If it's your type of game, godspeed, but I'll pass.

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3.45 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2016
10:51 AM EDT