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Bleeding Walls

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A short, surrealistic film I made during my second year in university. I wanted to experiment with atmosphere and color in order to create dreamlike feel.

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Really nice

So this was really nice and I like how this builds up not just the main visuals but the detailed elements surrounding the main focus so really nice film here I think adding even more effects especially on some impact moments would be cool overall this was a nice film and something I hope you got a good grade in as it was pretty solid fim visuals anyways nice work here untill the next film you make keep it real

Some added effects on specific moments as suggested


Interesting style, both tribal and modern at the same time, and the mood builds up nicely, especially with the atmospheric soundtrack. Plenty of special effects and plays on light, color and motion too. Nice work!


Love what you did here dude very experimental ^^

nice art style!