Torture Game 3D

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Your favorite torture chamber game is now 3D! Choose between 5 brutal assault weapons or use your bare hands to do some serious damage to your torture victim all in a unique 3D environment! You are able to reset the victim if you feel you have served enough pain in the torture room.

Use the mouse to select a tool or weapon from the right-hand side to torture, then click on the area on the victim where you want to do damage!

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worst game i have ever played


I agree with every point Razor has made. This game is very bad.

Dude... this game sucks. The hit detection is pure inaccurate bullshit. The camera won't stop moving around, in fact why is there even a camera?! You can't even disembody the limbs or skin him alive! You can't just grab some 3d model, throw in a few weapons and call it a torture game. This is just lazy and pathetic.

What a horrible piece!

First of all the guns are useless, and the all you can do is paint the character skin red which most of the times does nothing and gliches into some weird purple mess.
Takes a lot to load this glitchy mess.

Not worth it.

Th¡s shou1d be B4MM3D!