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UPDATE 11/06/2016
- Mouse click lag issue has been fixed.

Shooter/Idle game. Defend your cannon by purchasing new weapons, towers, and upgrades!

Combinations of Ctrl+Shift are the shortcuts to quick buy levels.

If you experience performance issues, please let me know your browser type and version.

I really need some feedback, so please leave a comment below.

Sound effects from: http://www.freesfx.co.uk

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i like it it has great potential, for me its all about the turrets though, so some type of description box for each of the turrets would be very helpful in picking and choosing my layout. a few things i dont like your extras or elements cover the screen so that once theres enough of them you cant see any of your own numbers other than that i really enjoy it.

I'm enjoying the game, but I am noticing a couple of slightly frustrating issues.

I didn't see this happening at earlier levels, but turrents are showing a near consistent tendency to synchronize their target tracking which does add unnecessary difficulty to the game (too much focus firing).

The game also has a tendency to randomly jump back a level or two. I don't know if this is some weird mechanic at play, but I have seen it happen a number of times when I clearly hadn't lost all my shield.

Took me a moment to get what's going on, but it's really fun after you get at least one turret down.

The steps for upgrades and new turrets vs the amount you get from enemies vs the enemy health isn't very balanced out though. Enemies are much too strong for what little gold you get and the next building costs a lot more than it should.

I'd also add a slight tutorial at the start. Indicating your goal, what to do, how the weapon-crafting works and how the level system works.

lightning-bug responds:

Thanks for the advice, dude. Looking to add a short tutorial this week.

Ok first frame rate drop when ever i fire and i am on firefox it takes to long to get an upgrade and it is very bland if you look at the best games then you can see they are colourful

lightning-bug responds:

Thanks for the heads up - looking to address this problem first. At the moment, the game seems to run best on ie.

This is perfect for your first game! I got addicted and played it for 30 minutes without even noticing it!
Great game, only things you could improve is changing the level design and picking different songs.
Good job! ;)

lightning-bug responds:

Thanks! That's very encouraging :) I appreciate the point you raise with level design, I'll have a think about how I can make that more interesting!

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2.59 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2016
5:16 PM EDT
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