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Chameleon Quest

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The chameleon kingdom has fallen into the grasp of a tyrant. Legend speaks of a mighty hero who could vanquish the guardians of the elemental orbs, tame their powers, and restore peace to the kingdom. Armed with only your wits and your tongue, you set out on your quest.

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This wasn't a bad platformer and I enjoyed the parts of the game that had puzzles to solve as well as the addition of boss fights.

However, the game is difficult to look at. It feels like everything in the game has a different art style; the chameleon, turtles, snakes, doors, platforms and ground all seem like they belong together but background elements like trees, water, fountains, etc. look like low resolution versions of assets from another game.

It's strange that snakes, birds and bosses have animation but the chameleon doesn't. If you can it would be a good idea to add some kind of walking animation to the chameleon, something simple to one set of feet in front and then the others.

The music is overbearing and it wouldn't hurt to add a mute button to the game. In addition to the music the game lacks sound effects. The game would be so much more appealing if it had some sound effects for jumping, shooting, grabbing with your tongue, switch pressing, water sounds, impacts to enemies, impacts to the player, and victory for reaching the door.

Despite this, I did have some fun playing the game. I hope you'll continue working on this and make improvements to it.

This game is cute and competent. I like it good job!

The game itself is very fun and creative, and the art is a bit lacking but that doesn't really matter. Good game.

Thought the game was pretty fun, and the times to beat weren't ridiculously difficult like other games with similar mechanics. I played it through and went back for all the stars. Great idea and execution.