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For Mom

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An animation I made my mom for Mother's Day.


I started this animation nearly a year ago, originally for NATA 2015 (10 Amazing Things round). As you can tell, I was a bit ambitious and I didn't come close to finishing it, not only because of the size of the project but also because of my beginning graduate school. Almost a year later, as Mother's Day approached, I picked it up again, determined to give it to my mom as a gift... and here we are now, still a month late lol. Oh well. Please enjoy and be sure to give your mom a hug or something sometime soon.

Sound effects:



tl;dr: i'm a sucky son lol

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So this was a really good one here there was some good emotion packed into these here some nice animation and made for a really deep story here really nice work with this one I liked it some nice detail as well make more sometime

No changes needed


cute love this!

very amazing

Made a call to my mum.Thx for the movie man.

that's nice