Bend or Break: Korra Hentai Parody

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Bend or Break is a Legend of Korra Hentai Parody based on her being kidnapped by Tarrlok in season one by SunsetRiders7.

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the game sure does improved a lot than the demo version.
i've played it and got 'bad end' & 'bad end 2'.
Are there multiple endings in the game? Is there a walkthrough available?

sunsetriders7 responds:

We leave the walkthroughs for community members to do. Saying that, I haven't seen one since the rebuild. Also there is only bad ends. Thank you for the review.

I loved this game before, and now I love it even more.

sunsetriders7 responds:

Thank you so much.

Is this the same demo from your site? or is their more
either way great job. really want more

sunsetriders7 responds:

Same, with the exception for the image quality is worse (although it's hard to tell).

Do have to say, it's really impressive looking art in this.
Story felt a little contradictory. With the whole "You're a bloodbender?" and then right after "So people found out eh?", and overall it's incredibly generic. BUT, that said: Just because something is bland, doesn't mean it's bad :P People seem to mix that up often. It's like flipping out on someone for serving mac n cheese, or pizza. Because it's too common on parties x3

Anyhow, trailing off aside. Can say, the dialog of what I've read is pretty okay. Seems to often repeat though. But flows pretty okay character wise. Goes kinda cliché at times though.
Can say I would have wished that it allowed you to maybe pick what villain you played, mostly a I can't recall ever seeing a game in this genre with a female PC. But, it is clear that the market and demographic is mostly male, due to it being created as such :P

But definitely a pretty solid game. Overall very run of the mill, with extra elements of plot convenience due to the characters involved. Would have rated at 3 but, the art is just really impressive. So definitely a bit above average.

Can say the day cycles feel really odd though. Along with the "look" option. Like... you barely seem to do anything. And the times you do something, it's just a few minutes xP And, like stated: It's a very solid cage. How are you looking through that? xP But ah well, I guess most of that can be brushed off as "porn logic" heh. Can say it does feel like some actions were out of your hand. Like, he starts doing x, then turns out he plan to does y, and you can't stop it. Of those I notice, not many were too big. And most can prolly be brushed off as "he knows what he's doing.".
(Though, it is a bit annoying in how it says you have two actions per day, but sometimes one action just ends the day directly after.)

Anyhow. Can start to wrap up with mentioning that: I think that dialog text, and "things happening" text should be different in some way. Be it color or font. Just a little something.
And hm... was pondering if you made her bust too big, but looking at her ref. It could fit. Probably a bit too big though. At least one size larger.
Also, unrelated but: Found some of the terminology to be amusing. Like "the hungry Korra" xP

But yeah, it's incredibly run of the mill in most acts and all of that. Could totally have been your plan ofc, just kinda stating the obvious x3
A lot of later dialog at least gets very corny :P (and there's a lot of unanswered stuff, like... where is the water down there... and the toilet... xD)
A bit surprised how widespread you guys seem to be though. First project of yours I see, and you seem to have been around for quite a while heh.
But all that said. You do seem to work on very monotone genres, but with some new take, or twist on it. So can say that does seem interesting at least.

And as a last comment, again, more praise to the art department: But really nice to see that you got her body correct-esque (bar boobs xP) with the abs and all. Atop the flesh color. (see so many slap pink nipples on characters that are black, blue or whatever.
Anyhow, goes rather ooc, but it's for the porn, so eh... Also a bit sad you made Korra flat as a child endowment wise. But huge props for the pubes. Would say the porn is the weakest in this as it's both random. And just very "lame", so to speak. Very stilted.

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sunsetriders7 responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write this up. We actually released the first version of this June 19th, 2015 and it was a buggy mess (we made it in two weeks). Through the support of our patrons we went back and rebuilt the code and finished the game in order to try newgrounds and webgl out. Im glad you enjoyed some parts of this game.

Really good work. I love the way he is showing her that he is the god one ( more of that please ). The art is WOW, just WOW.

Add animation, sound, and more options ( make it more realistic, some daily situations for example)

I already add you to favs, and I'm waiting for more.

sunsetriders7 responds:

Thank you very much for the review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We are working on adding animation and sound in our next project. This project was never designed as a webgl, we reworked it so it had a home. Our next project for newgrounds will be designed from the ground up to work within the limitations of both the compression power of Unity and the size limitations of newgrounds. We are very excited.

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