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The Pick Up Line

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A statue tries a pick up line...

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Interesting concept, neet idea for an episode, however the execution is pretty bad.

When the characters started talking, you should have lowered the volume of the music to its bear minimum. Lower it enough, so that we can hear the guys talking. It can continue to play, but just lower tone down the decibels.

Since the premise, from what I can gather, is that sculptures, paintings and various other forms of art in a museum, have come to life and are doing things to ease their boredom. Bearing that in mind, I guess we can't hope for fluid animation, since they're inanimate objects. However, I feel that using pictures of actual painings, in stead of painting those paintings yourself in your cartoonist style, is cheap. The mouth animations leaves things to be desired. I suggest making an expression for every letter of the English alphabet, so that it can appear more natural. Having more details like teeth and tongue would make it more detailed and more interesting.

The joke was seen coming a mile away. That's not the problem though. I don't understand how that woman was so calm to seeing a statue telling her a joke. Wouldn't she freak out? Gasp at least? Her actions seem unatural in such a unexplainable situation. Works of art are talking to her and she doesn't flinch.

Needs antialiasing.

Cool idea, but it's sadly unfinished and unpolished. Hopefully next episodes will improve and expand upon the concept. I'm not good with numbers, but I guess I'll give it a 2/5.

RiddhimanDey responds:

Thanks for the review :) Yes, the sound quality was bad as my mic has bad quality. I am still a beginner animator and am working hard to improve my animation skills. My next video will have much better sound quality, I am not sure as to whether I should continue this as a series but I will surely make videos with similar concept.

this was an interesting concept; to have all the museum's exhibits/portraits/statues alive, and showing us their joys, their questions, and their own personal quests.
in this movie, we saw dacius cactus on a quest to say a pick-up line on a beautiful girl.
but alas, he fails! and his friends tricked him into saying that cheesy pick-up line...
everything was doomed from the beginning...

only caesar was forgiving enough to his old compatriot, for he laughed WITH him, and not AT him...
but then... then caesar faced his greatest foe... I CANNOT NAME SUCH A DARK FOE....
for he is truly awful.

but we have seen a great movie, filled with love, conquest, failure and conflict.
what more do you want, dear viewers?

but seriously though:
i found this movie to be beautiful, and to have a nice fresh concept.
you should do more episodes with this theme/topic.
it would be funny+clever.

keep up the good work!

RiddhimanDey responds:

Thanks a lot for this great review :)

I have no idea what they are saying.
Music is too loud, your mic (or whoever's) has horrible quality, there is static noise in the background ( look up how to remove in audacity or something)
practice drawing, it wouldnt hurt and your body drawing could use some work