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Temple of Boom!

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High Scores

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A frantic 2D Shooter inspired by games such as Super Crate Box and Tower Fall. Grab some weapons and blast as many enemies as you can.

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A very awesome and addicting game!

looks simple but highly polished, can see you put a lot of effort into it, like the physics of grenades, range of guns, and death by being stepped on, that's a nice touch.
and those green lil pieces of shit in cowboy hat that can jump dodge my shot and ganking me.


colburt187 responds:

Any feedback you would like to offer?

I love the game's simplicity and the constant need to pick up guns, bullets, health-packs. I got very addicted to it. The high-scores made me play a-lot more and I beat all 3 temples. The music was very fitting with the fast-paced gaming. But it's a huge turn-off when the game just next to impossible; the game mainly relies in "strength-in-numbers" (or what I call 30 enemies beating the shit out of me) and it's unavoidable which make gamers feel like it's the game's fault.

colburt187 responds:

Thanks for playing and for the good feedback. You are right, I do increase the difficulty by increasing the number of enemies on the screen. You would prefer that I increased the Enemies HP to increase the difficulty, less enemies but more HP. Im not an AI expert to creating enemies that are more advance to increase the difficulty is tricky.

those teleporting wizard guys are a literal pain in the ass, they are always the ones to kill me. Always! Other than their OP wizards, this game is very addicting thanks the weapons and rounds, along with the usual R.N.G.