Duck Crossing

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Using the arrow keys, navigate your way around the traffic on the road so you don't become another splatted duck.

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No score system, so attempting is not worth it. All you can do, is walk around and not die, and staying in the middle is OP. There is no objective, just stay alive, with no reward. So, this isn't worth it. Quality control, you should add an objective. Atleast tutorial exists, and you can walk with animation. So, I guess thats half a star.

snowmanmedia responds:

In all levels after the tutorial, you WILL die if you stall in the middle.

To call this "unpolished" would be generous.

The graphics are lacking, I can see the darker grey around the motorcycle, and the orange truck sprite that you lazily constructed has grey in the corners. There's no sound, no timer, no instructions on how to advance. A demo is supposed to grab the attention, stir the appetite in the viewer, make them want more.

This, however, made me want less.

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1.80 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2016
4:48 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid