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Hexallin is a new type of microorganisms. In order to stay alive, their ‘arms’ have to be connected to other Hexallins’ arms. Your job is to move the Hexallins so they are connected to each other.

Move and swap the Hexallin by clicking on it to pick and click again to drop it. Connect a Hexallin’s arm with another Hexallin’s arm of the same type. Hexallin will turns red if all its arms are connected. To complete a level, make all Hexallins red and alive!

There are 44 levels to complete!

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awesome job, keep it up!

edit: how do you get past #11?

edit 2: nevermind

In general, a nice, simple game, with a soothing soundtrack and good enough minimalistic graphics.

The main set of rules is pretty simple, you need to connect different "pieces" of the puzzle by inserting them in the right positions on a hexagonal grid, such that every "leg" coming out of a piece has an unobstructed path to a "leg" of the same type. This kind of simple puzzle concept tends to make for some pretty interesting mental challenges, and this game is no different in that respect.

The levels are rather hard, right from the get go. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but may be a little bit alienating for more, so to say, "casual" players. On the other hand, it's a very worthwhile challenge for, so to say, "seasoned veterans" in this kind of logic puzzle game. I don't claim to be in either of these two groups, but I still enjoyed this game.

I'd recommend it for people who are absolute fans of logic puzzles.

This is a cool game, it's a very challenging and fun game. I really liked it

thats a cool game ^^ i really like the sounds :D

Really like the art and concept of this game, very well done. I would suggest that you let players drag in one click, only one step.