Bemin X 3

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Chapter 1 | Grasslands 25 Points

Complete the first chapter.

Chapter 2 | Ice Pole 25 Points

Complete the second chapter.

Chapter 3 | Block Matrix 25 Points

Complete the final chapter, and collect the 4th coin.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Get ready for a game with 8-bit next gen mind blowing 3d graphics.

Welcome to Bemin X 3, a sequel the the sequel of Bemin X. After the mental wizard has disintegrated, Bemin is on a quest to get his animation back. This game is longer than the last two games combined, has an actual difficulty ramp and isn't nearly as unfair with smaller levels. There is also consistent physics!

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BeminFire responds:

Thanks for the review!

none of these games were difficult
they were all just designed horribly to make you think theyre hard

if youre going to make a precise platformer where you have to be needlepoint accurate in your jumpy, try not to have the floatiest physics imaginable
the auto run stage was the only fun part because at least i could say "oh well i died but it was my fault so thats ok"
grabbing ledges with your head is not a feature, its a result of making the sprite itself the hitbox rather than drawing in a hitbox
losing momentum when you hit an above platform with your head is exactly why you should draw in a hitbox
and even if you fixed most of these issues itd just be a generic platformer

>b-but i did a no-death run twice! youre just bad at platforming!
cunt, you fucking designed it, youd be used to the shitty physics since you worked on this for a week
no ones bad at platformers your game just fucking sucks

>pretty sure its 10x better than the other ones
which is why i voted it 2/5 as opposed to the 1/5 i gave the rest

gay ass game succ my dic fag

BeminFire responds:

pretty sure newgrounds is offering you a review system, not an insult-dev-and-shitty-game system. thanks for your "review" though, bro

It's a nice game.
The graphics look alright
But i think it's to EASY, The only hard part was the jumping only part.

4 Out Of 5.

BeminFire responds:

Thanks, but you've got some competition as I can tell from your name.

A nice little platformer. Very enjoyable game =D

BeminFire responds:

Thanks :D

too be honest, this game isn't fun. its REALLY frustating. I swear I almost threw my keyboard out of the room. The platformering is very hard to control. The music is alright I guess but not that great. The art looks pretty nice though.

BeminFire responds:

Wait, so you rated it bad because you aren't that good at platformers? I've done a no-death run twice, it's possible.

Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2016
8:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop