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AKITA | Blown Out of Proportion 2

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Finally, the thrilling conclusion to Blown Out of Proportion

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oooh, this was a really nice cartoon!

all of the characters were nicely drawn, their close-up drawings were funny & very detailed, the animation was fast-paced, and VERY fluid, while the whole story was funny and very interesting.
i also (really) liked the voice-acting, it was great, and the lip-syncing was perfect.

the movie had many good visual+auditory gags, many funny details, clever parts, and nice scenes overall.
i also liked that the good guy's boss, mr. scientist has always his face hidden, just like charlie from 'charlie's angels' does, or just like how ms bellum from PPG does...

overall, this was a very nicely drawn, well-animated and funny cartoon, and it easily looks like a professional studio-cartoon, its THAT good.

i really liked it, so do more stuff like this, and keep up the great work!

Good work! Some of the vocal levels need some work, as its hard to hear some of the lines at times. But, overall I really liked it. Nice work guys!

The girl actor needs a better mic.
Maybe work on doing a better job with backgrounds
anyway I liked it, good job

DeadEDG responds:

I respect your opinion but finding a good microphone is hard, also I'm just doing this for fun anyway :3