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Not a Clone Demo

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This is a demo of a WarioWare-like game that was recently released on iOS and Android:

What if you were given a backdoor pass to a site filled with the hottest mobile games currently climbing the charts? What if just by playing the games well enough, you were able to earn money to buy even more games? Would you jump at the chance or just let it pass?

Not A Clone is a frantic exercise in quick-thinking and even quicker responding. Featuring over two dozen original and parody mini-games, you must play through them one after another, chaining your successes into the highest score possible for possible fame and prizes. Beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards! Earn Zeni to purchase more games!

You have five seconds to get through each mini-game that is thrown at you by following the instructions that appear on the screen. The further you go, the harder it gets. How long will you last before your device runs out of power? Will you earn enough to unlock your next challenge? Will you know which games are being parodies and which games are not a clone?


By playing this demo, you agree to our License Agreement: http://wp.me/P3bFDA-M5

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love this but need more mini games and it said at the beginning that you could get apps by playing games so make it happen like, like i you play 10 mini games you could get a new app or a new game but anyhow great game and keep up the good work

Four second frenzy but with more impossible challenges and less time. Would definitely be more possible on a phone.

fake get unity glitches try AGAIN PLEAS!

Good job!
I always wanted to create WW clone myself, but I was too afraid to do so ^^ (copyright/originality and stuff).
There needs to be more WW-like games!

This game is well made, games are somewhat creative. "Make Me Happy" is the best, Imho.
The minor complaint I have is the fact that all games have similar aesthetics. I really liked the mishmash that Wario Ware had.
I would also prefer a more keyboard focused game over this, but that would need an another project.

Really enjoyed this, make more games in it! :D