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Yoshi's Island 2 (VGDC)

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Before I begin let me say this... I did not cover every Mario game in history... it would be too time consuming and drawn out if I did...I only made fun of the goofier games..ok now that's out of the way.

This is my first true "new" movie in over a year. It is a sequel to my original Yoshi's Island parody (watch that too if you haven't yet), but this time it's about Mario finding out his future isn't as cool as he thought it would be, so he takes some drastic measures to deal with the pain... You sickos wanted violence, i'll give you lots!

I actually think this movie came close, or even took longer to make then Mario Vs. Sonic...so I hope most of you enjoy it. :)

Oh yeh, I don't care what anyone says...Dancing sprites are always funny :D

Update: I've added more music and sound effects to touch up the movie a little bit.

Update 2: Returning viewers can now jump straight to the endings from the title screen.

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in every ending mario gets fucked.

Now the scene where Mario's story to be done made me felt old.

It's been what? 17 years? Damn i feel ancient!

Super Mario Sunshine = Mario's latest adventure

PRESENT DAY = Super Mario Odyssey

God, now I feel old...

I was confused as to why this went on so long. It did get better with the endings. My favorite is the fourth one. It's just great to see a different option being taken. I also love to see how the website looked back in 2002! We'll always have that screenshot to look at it!

The sprite work was quite good. I admit that a baby committing suicide is pretty funny. That's what you call a dead baby comedy! There was definitely style in this. RIP Randy.

Randy-Solem responds:

Thank u,rand's mom