Lost Island

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Lost Island is a platform game that players collect and use items to defeat monsters and clear quests.There are 9 unique items for players to collect, and players can equip two of them at the same time. Each level will have unique map, multiple monsters and a unique quest. Player can pass the level by completing the quest and collect starts for each level. Lots of efforts are put into design and details to make the game more fun and enjoyable.

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This is pretty good. The control over the character's jump is a little too tight, making some of the platforming frustrating, but overall the mechanics are pretty good. The graphics a re simple, but some of the backgrounds are nice and the enemy design is pretty cool, particularly on the jaguar and bull (although the jaguar looks like Simba... LOL)

Here's a few things I liked:

- You win a different item after each level. It seems that all the items are useful in some way, so which two you choose depends on your play style. I liked the reach of Excalibur. Some one else will like the power of Thor's Hammer better. Some people will like extra life, others will like an improved jump, or invisibility.

-The little quests are a really nice addition to this sort of platformer. Instead of just completing a level, we're given extra goals to focus on, and the goals pay off.

-Having each animal with it's own style of attack isn't unique, but I think it was well-implemented here.

Things to work on:

-You need to add sound to a game like this. A simple soundtrack or a lavish one would work well here. Some sound effects would also boost the excitement and immersion.

-Consider having a defeat animation for enemies, even if it's just one frame. Having enemies just vanish when they're defeated feels cheap.

-Tighten up the controls where you can, particularly where is comes to jumping and landing.

I'm sure there are other things you can tweak... graphics, mechanics, and some storyline. If the game gets enough views, people will give you ideas. I think you're off to a good start. Think about
what you can do to make each game better!

It's simple and short and just ok. You lose a star for no sound.

Muito bom.

Quick, fun game!

Not Bad, keep going. My lil son enjoy it very much

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2.67 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2016
2:29 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other