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Can u get through this game?


I think the difficulty of the game is just right and the challenge presented is one that feels rewarding. I like how you really have to be pixel perfect in some of the later levels. Each level feels achievable too. At no point did I think "This is impossible, I give up." Really great game! I'd like to see more levels some day!

awesome beat the whole thing its not impossible tones of fun 160 coins all the way

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seem to be more luck than else ? (realy short time to click on the good time....!)

Hitting escape reloads the level, and nowhere was this mentioned.
Level nine is impossible to beat (and trust me, it's not just a matter of "you just didn't do this right," it's literally impossible).
The name is as unoriginal as a baker who can only make one recipe.
Coincidentally, the joy value has the same amount of blandness as the aforementioned baker's recipe.
Dying has no consequence, but for some reason there's a best score.
This doesn't feel like it's been tested well, if at all.

But you know what, you have a good basis for a game here. Flesh it out a bit, and maybe change it by adding a finish line instead of a coin, and give the player the option to take an alternate angle.

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I liked it! Definitely tricky, but addicting. I lol-ed at the music, gotta love MIDI covers!

The color change for each replay was a nice touch, however I noticed that sometimes the color would change in the middle of a level, which was pretty distracting.

Also, the difficulty level increased really quickly, maybe a few more "congratulations, you successfully did a thing!" levels to hook people in at the beginning?

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2.69 / 5.00

May 31, 2016
5:33 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid