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Celie Sex Loop (Finale)

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Author Comments

The final work for the Celie sex loop. It's 13 second full color sex animation loop. Since it is my first ever from start to finish animation there is a few things that I would have done differently. I've cleaned up the best I can.

Anyway I had fun doing it I plan on doing more animation loops. I might even start doing interactive flash movies.

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It loops rather good. The design and genitals are pretty good too.
Personally think the hybrid penis works. Not as cliché as some others. And, I'd hope at least you'd do a similar choice if you did a vulva.

Not sure you can tag it "lesbian" unless it's actually lesbian... but I'm not 100 on the tag system here. But in general, both chars (or more, depending how many are involved :P) actually has to be female for it to be tagged "lesbian". Being biologically and identifying as, are separate things. Tag wise it makes things difficult at least. As it makes things harder to find, just putting it out there. I do get where you're coming from. Just try to differ what you tag, with what you call them ^^

But yeah, other than it's pretty good. Fairly standard, seemingly one sided =3

DarklyMarieArt responds:

hey thanks for the comment and feedback! I see where you're coming from with the whole "lesbian" tag thing, might just exclude it next time when tagging transXcis lesbian stuff.

Nice Animation and good idea. the löenght of the animation was already mention enought by others so i will skip that. one point disturb me kinda. the futa cock looks all like a canine one (dog) from outside. but the interior view shows a human shaped cock. that dont really match. so if you ask me, make the cock completly canine, that would be something special more indiviual than the standart human cocks you see everywhere

DarklyMarieArt responds:

Thanks for the comment and feedback. As far a cocks go I wanted to do a fusion of the canid cock and a hominid style cock, but if people prefer one or the other than I'm open to just going full canid cock then. :3

It's decent. Its not expert stuff, but if it were, you'd be working for some company, not doing Newgrounds videos.

Some things that could have been done better, less black screen swap time, longer animation lengths, more positions.

And as I've seen mentioned below me, its odd to have them finish in Missionary. If there were a few more segments that showed them changing to missionary, then it would be fine, but as is, just odd.

Keep working at it, though. Can't wait to see the next one you do to see how you progress. Good Luck Slum-Tan

DarklyMarieArt responds:

Thanks for the comment and suggestions! I'm constantly working on improvements! I've already learned so much after finishing this project. The file was a mess and I was oblivious to how tweening worked so I did every thing frame by frame with no tweening. So my other projects will hopefully be smoother and will be more dynamic. :3

This is pretty good but why are they in missionary position after the climax? They should be laying butt-to-butt, not with one on top of the other. Otherwise, you did a great job.

DarklyMarieArt responds:

I wanted them in a different position for the end. However, I mentioned in another comment I'm probably gaining to do full overhaul of this project in the future with new skills I've learned. Thanks for the comment! Hopefully, you will keep enjoying the work! :3

- Was hoping for a knotted finish considering she has a dog like dick.
- Some sound would've been great (or music)
- Should've let some parts loop longer as it switches scenes way too fast
- Maybe some post coital hugging and kissing would've been nice too

3,5 mind you I didn't really judge for my preferences mainly the audio / scene switching thing.

DarklyMarieArt responds:

Yeah those are valid gripes. I might update it with sound later and may even increase loop times. But for now it's finished and I can start working on other projects. I'm still new at animation and what not and there is already things that I've learned that would improve this project. So the possibility of me doing a complete overhaul is probably pretty high. :3 Any who, thanks for the feedback.